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Leverage the power of Finance Analytics

Improve day-to-day decision-making

Data is a catalyst for change and can help Finance reach far beyond its traditional responsibilities and core capabilities. It is no longer sufficient to simply analyse numbers from a spreadsheet or standard BI tool. To understand and effectively utilize big volumes of data, it is necessary to identify patterns in data and answer questions such as; what can data do for your organization and what role does the finance function have to fulfil in this setting?

Finance & Analytics

Through our extensive Finance Analytics offering, we help Finance reach far beyond the traditional responsibilities and core capabilities. We enable Finance to transform into an effective business partner and “enabler of analytics” that provides decision support throughout all business areas. Financial data from your ERP-system can be used for more than simply running mandatory reports. Deep-grained insights of your organization are necessary to maintain your competitive position. They provide a starting point for improving a wide range of business processes. However, this does require knowledge on how to analyse the data.

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What value does Finance & Analytics bring?

Finance analytics provides access to better insights: plans, budgets and predictions will become more accurate as they are based on a large amount of financial and non-financial data. Thanks to thorough analysis of your finances, you improve your competitive position and you can anticipate on the results of your periodic reports.

Furthermore, finance analytics can bring many benefits, including:

  • Turn mountains of data into nuggets of insights
  • Provide forward-looking and predictive insights to shape the business strategy
  • Reduce bias and gut-instinct decision-making by supporting the fact based discussion making process
  • Increase Finance effectiveness
  • Turn the Finance function into a strategic partner for the business

Why Deloitte?

At Deloitte, we help Finance Functions leverage the power of analytics and deliver much more than accurate financial statements and reports. We help our clients to deliver forward-looking, predictive insights that help shape the business strategy and improve day-to-day decision-making in real time.
By applying analytics to large volumes of data, we help you to improve your financial management. Not only do we know where to find the required data and how to analyse it, we are also aware of what is going on in your industry to be able to identify the relevant figures. We present results in a clear and effective dashboard that helps you to elevate the impact of your business drivers on your overall enterprise value.

We can provide added value through employing analytics for:

  • Monitoring performance consistent with business strategy and processes; obtaining detailed insights in costs and benefits
  • Managing and combining insights from your financial and non-financial data better and gain insights from your master data
  • Combining your own proprietary data with public data to determine your position in the economic landscape
  • Identification of the most valuable clients/customers and effectively retaining and expanding them
  • Simulating future changes in your sector to investigate the impact on your organization
  • Employment of satellite images to identify potential sales leads
  • Employment of data analytics to identify potential exposure to risks and pro-actively respond

How to become the strategic advisor through Finance Analytics?

The finance role is transitioning into the role of Strategic Advisor, helping to grow and advise the core business through finance analytics. Tools help creating forward-looking, predictive insights that can support shaping tomorrow’s business strategy and improve day-to-day decision making in real-time. Finance Analytics addresses critical business questions with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy. Read more.

Becoming the strategic advisor through Finance Analytics

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Deloitte Finance Analytics Services

More information?

For more information on Finance Analytics please do not hesitate to contact Marco van Ackooij, Mohamed Bouker or Emile Kramers via the contact details below.

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