Technology Vision & Architecture


Technology Vision & Architecture

Technology Strategy & Transformation

Bridging the gap between business strategy and technology by using architecture as a catalyst for change and breaking down complexity into manageable actions.

Deloitte’s Technology Vision & Architecture capabilities provide the vision, strategy, and roadmap for wide-scale transformations to your IT applications, infrastructure and operations. We work with senior leadership to align technological changes with business goals, set the technological direction and help you define your target state. Using existing and new technologies, including native cloud services, we prepare you for your next digital transformation.

Our services will deliver your new high-level enterprise architecture as well as architectures for applications, data, and infrastructure. Furthermore, we can assist you in selecting a technology vendor, provide guidance on complex issues such as solution integration and collaborate with you on ensuring the performance, security, and scalability of your business venture.

Manage your Enterprise Architecture practice and assets

Our expertise within Enterprise Architecture Management can help you improve the business value of your own EA (Enterprise Architecture) practice and foster your business transformation. We make, and enable you to make, high quality architecture decisions and deliverables that are understood, supported, and enforced. We also ensure your EA practice operates effectively in an agile environment by constructing an operating model, including the governance, processes, artefacts, leadership, team development, and tooling for your architecture practice.

By using a standardized method for assessing the quality of enterprise architectural artefacts we can perform architecture assessments. Whether you need a high-level ‘second opinion’ or a more detailed ‘best-fit future state architecture' definition, we can provide the right level of analysis and advice.

Next to this, we help you bridge the gap between strategy and implementation and provide a solid architectural foundation for the implementation. Using the business strategy or customer journey as a starting point, we can create a functional view of capabilities to be implemented. After conducting a gap analysis, we then further design the solution architecture and define the roadmaps needed to enable a successful implementation over time.

Transform your business into a data-driven organization

We will support you in transforming to a data-driven organization through establishing a solid enterprise data management foundation and assisting you to develop a long-term data strategy, including its related processes and operating model. To govern and manage data as an asset through a solid foundation is our objective, allowing you to fully capitalize on the opportunities presented by advanced analytics, AI, DataOps and automation.

Scaling data operations in an organization beyond individuals and proof-of-concepts requires an industrialized data organization and technology to be in place. We will help you identify and apply data trends by using a comprehensive technology lens and guiding you on topics such as data architecture, data quality management, metadata management and data governance with the latest market insights.

Accelerate your business transformation

Digital transformation is about strategically adopting digital technologies and solutions centered around information collection, computing, communication, and connectivity. Our digital transformation architecture practice uses business-tailored architectural content and related frameworks such as Epic-Level Start Architectures (ESA) or future-state reference models, to map current and target state architecture to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

The emergence of cloud technologies and ecosystems have brought about industry disruption and accelerated business transformation. We are equipped to help you undergo your next cloud-enabled transformation via hands-on deep dives, vendor training, and insightful enablement tools, such as the cloud cost recharge model and the cloud workbench.

We are experienced in identifying, designing, and delivering essential capabilities to create, operate and govern scalable ecosystems and integration platforms. Besides reference models and frameworks, we can advise you on your ecosystem transformation by providing you with ecosystem fundamentals training, I/PaaS vendor training, and digital capability & platform maps.

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