Lab of the Future


Lab of the Future

The future is defined by you

To thrive in today’s age of disruption, departments need to have an understanding of how future possibilities will impact their way of working. Join Deloitte’s Lab of the Future and shape the future together with your own team as you see fit.

Change is everywhere

Change is happing in every department of your organization. Which is why you, as a professional, you have to know and understand the constantly changing context in which your business  operates.

“The future” is often associated with something far away and futuristic. We believe that the future is tomorrow and nothing more then a slight adjustment of the present, based on what we experience and learn today.

It’s that unexpected idea.

That unexpected connection. 

That unexpected synergy.

That may sound ironic since we are living in a time where everyone claims to be fond of new ideas, and where technologies develop faster then the speed of light. Yet every innovation and new technology is based on knowledge, skills and ideas that others developed in the past. Innovation is nothing more than making unexpected connections between existing ideas.

Lab of the Future is designed to ignite your natural curiosity and discover how different ways of working might impact the tax department. Technology helps us to connect, to speed up, and to be more efficient but it can never replace critical thinking and the human judgement. 

Lab of the Future allows you explore, pivot and discover. Since the future is nothing else then tomorrow. And the future builds on the past, respects the present and starts tomorrow. Let’s shape it together.  Welcome to lab of the Future.  

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