Dutch M&A Predictions 2022


Dutch M&A Predictions 2024

Which key trends will influence the mergers and acquisitions market? 

Discover the key mergers and acquisitions trends across industries in our Dutch M&A Predictions 2024, where we focus on how hot topics, such as inflation, digitization and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), may affect the M&A deals in the Dutch landscape.

Embarking on 2024: Navigating the Dutch M&A landscape

As we step into the pages of 2024, the Dutch M&A landscape unfolds with a subtle complexity. The echoes of the Ukraine war and geopolitical shifts have gently recalibrated the scene. We observe a 30% reduction in overall M&A volume from the post-COVID peak, with certain sectors—life sciences, healthcare, technology, and energy- retaining their vibrancy.

Now, although the competitive mechanism of auctions might still suit companies or sectors where the market remains strong, many deals will benefit from alternative approaches, and the focus will shift from purely executing a deal, to choosing the most effective strategy.

Putting together a successful deal in 2024 will therefore require not only execution expertise, but also the creativity to design the right approach. Many transactions in the coming year will likely involve just a few carefully selected and knowledgeable bidders, or a bilateral agreement, reached through one-to-one conversations. The key will be in knowing which parties to bring together. 

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Key insights and influential factors

In our exploration of 2024, the compass is guided by key insights shaping the Dutch M&A story. Rising interest rates, labor shortages, and the transformative currents of digitization and technology weave the narrative, overshadowing the role of inflation. With robust capital reserves and a measured dance with equity markets, transactions continue their course, albeit at a tempered pace. As the year unfolds, a cautious choreography of one-on-one deals and innovative financing methods takes center stage, promising adaptability and resilience—provided no unforeseen economic or geopolitical surprises alter the script.

Overall, Dutch M&A is becoming more mature, educated and responsive. With earlier crises, optimism was slow to adjust, but we now see sellers already having more realistic expectations. Frenetic activity has been replaced by more thoughtful processes, often needing innovative or more complex approaches, which may take longer, but are likely to be completed.

While we expected 2023 to be shaky, we have also seen the markets respond to circumstances with realistic expectations and greater stability, which we expect to continue, and cautiously signal quite a positive outlook for 2024. 

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