Dutch M&A Predictions 2022


Dutch M&A Predictions 2022

M&A activity continues to be at a record high despite COVID-19

Ahead of our predictions and commentary by sector, investor type and theme, we offer in our M&A predictions 2022 report a quick overview of the Dutch Mergers and Acquisitions market as we see it now, setting the scene for more detailed observations.

2022 Dutch M&A outlook

Overall, the market is booming, having bounced back from a short-lived dip in activity caused by COVID-19. The current wave of transactions spans all sectors, with notably high valuations fuelled by the low cost of available finance and the sheer volume of cash looking for a home. There’s approximately €3 billion of unused capital earmarked for Dutch mid-market investments, around 15 new private equity parties with more than €100 million funds each, and no shortage of available bank finance. In terms of transfer of ownership, the conditions are right for the boomer generation to exit the businesses they’ve nurtured, and this will bring opportunities for further growth in transaction volumes.

Sustainability is increasingly important, and indeed is a prerequisite for some funds when considering an acquisition. The hottest sectors include healthcare, energy and, of course, technology, which underpins all sectors. Other topical themes include digital transformation and innovation; the impact of higher energy costs; the worldwide scarcity of talent and raw materials; challenges to the supply of goods; and logistical constraints and other supply chain inhibitors. Among all this, M&A activity continues to be at a record high.

Download the full M&A predictions 2022 report here and read more on the opportunities for you and your company in the Dutch Mergers & Acquisitions market.

Dutch M&A Predictions 2022

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