The Way We Work in a team


The Way We Work in a team

The future of work: a Miro template

The pandemic has changed our way of working and we all experienced it in different ways. Together with Miro the Deloitte innovation team designed a template to help teams to reconnect and gain insights in how to setup a new way of working.

The future of work

Due to COVID we all had to adopt to a new way of working. We have experienced the challenges, but also learned that we are flexible. Furthermore, we have seen the possibilities to have a stronger work-life integration. This shared experience from the last couple of years could be the opening towards a cultural change, where there is more attention to the needs of the individual. More flexibility to experiment in new ways of working to enhance well-being and performance. Essential is that we understand that there is no one size fits all. Everyone has different opportunities and preferences in where, how and when they want to work. 

Our innovation team wanted to better understand how everyone experienced working from home. What was the good, the bad and the ugly. With the world opening up again it would be a missed opportunity not to learn from the past two years and iterate these experiences into a better way of working. Therefore, we created a workshop in Miro to collect and discuss experiences and perspectives on three core themes; Purpose, Personality and People. 

With six different groups, consisting of; students, new hires, professionals, middle and senior leadership, we ran the same workshop to collect their points of views. The output has provided us with great insights and incentives to drive change. The main take away: there is no one size fits all. Experiences and preferences are so different for everyone making it essential to continuously engage in conversation about the future of work and evolve the setup of the way of working.

Miro template

The Deloitte technology & innovation team believes that the future of work workshop can benefit any type of organization. That is why we collaborated with Miro to create a public template, so teams from all over the world can gain insights into how individuals experience their current way of working. The benefits of using Miro is that it provides a way to express creativity, create a connection between the participants, structure the workshop and capture all output digitally. 

To accommodate every unique character and experience we chose for a monster themed template, which safeguards a playful environment where everybody feels included and heard. The workshop kicks off with an ice breaker and follows up with an exercise to get to know your colleagues a little better. Through gamified exercises the team then constructs their ideal future way of working together. As a result, there is a better understanding among colleagues and the output serves as a conversation starter to keep evolving ‘the way of working’ of the team. To open-up the conversation in your team and to drive change please feel free to use the template:

Do you want more insights into how your team is experiencing their current work setup and would you like to translate it into actual learnings? Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our workshop. 

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