Business Services M&A


Business Services M&A

Supporting you in transactions in the Business-to-Business domain

The Business Services industry team focuses on companies that provide services mainly to other corporate entities. We serve a broad industry that spans a number of sub sectors, including BPO, facility, staffing, consulting, logistics, engineering and technical services.

Competition is fierce across all business services segments. Strong diversified market players are challenged on prices and quality by specialized smaller players, with plenty of demand for both offerings. The type of demand for business services is constantly changing, as companies in the segment are facing an acceleration of pace in which our clients’ organizations and value chains are becoming more complex. Additionally, fueled by a positive market economic environment, companies have been outsourcing ‘non-core’ activities, resulting in a lack of in-house specific expertise to help guide the business through challenges they face. Important themes within the sector cover Future of Mobility, Future of Energy and Future of Work. Together, market trends result in a booming business services market in which the striving for digital leadership and the war for talent rages on. 

With those trends it does not surprise that the Business Services industry is facing a strong M&A market. Business leaders are rethinking their strategies, focused on growth acceleration not only nationally but also internationally, divesting non-core activities and acquiring complementary services to fulfil their organisations’ needs. In order to succeed, many players in the industry require scale, expertise and reputation, with smart money buying up the talent and business of others given the scarcity of skilled labour across Europe.

Connecting you with the right partner

Our specialists of Deloitte Corporate Finance are embedded in the Business Services industry and have extensive experience and credentials in supporting Business Services companies in realizing their M&A ambitions. Our network consists of inroads with leading strategic market players and private equity houses in the Business Services industry. Internally we are strengthened by our global network of M&A specialists in the Business Services industry that Deloitte offers. 

We assist by finding the right buyer or finding the right target to acquire, guide you through the entire transaction process smoothly and realize the best transaction for you. 

Are you considering a transaction now or in the future? We will be more than pleased to discuss market trends with you and their implications for you. 

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