Urban Development


Urban Development

Deloitte delivers premium high-quality urban development services

The pressure on city centers will remain high in coming years. Technological developments such as Smart Mobility have an impact on the way we work, travel and organize ourselves. Increasing urbanization, ageing population and technological innovations influence spatial developments. The challenge is to facilitate the increasing demand for space.

The pressure on the cities and city centers will remain high in the coming years. Various technological developments have an impact on the way we work, travel and organize ourselves. Increasing urbanization, an ageing population and technological innovations are influencing the management of spatial developments. The challenge is to (continue to) facilitate the increasing demand for spatial planning in the best possible way.

Deloitte Real Estate helps central and local government bodies, developers, construction companies and housing corporations with complex and challenging issues relating to urban development. Together with the client, we structure the development process, coordinate the interests of various stakeholders, allocate (development) risks, and construct the most appropriate form of tender and contract.

In our services, we combine our financial, legal and organizational expertise to support the various aspects that play a role in the urban development. We also incorporate Deloitte's knowledge and experience in areas such as corporate finance, business cases, innovation, change and process management, risk management and tax. This unique combination ensures that we have been successfully supporting our clients in various complex and challenging urban development issues for years.

Deloitte has extensive and long-standing knowledge of and experience with real estate and area (re)development consultancy in both the public and private markets. Combined with our integrated and multidisciplinary service provision for (re)development in the field of operations and financing, this makes us the largest urban development consultant in The Netherlands.

Our team consists of analytical, driven and innovative strategic advisors. When supporting an urban development project or preparing the financial business case, we look at the specific needs and interests of the client in order to put together an optimal team.

Urban (re)development

Due to increasing urbanization, the complexity of inner-city redevelopment is increasing. This calls for new earning models and agreements at the regional level. Innovations and changes in the area of mobility have an impact on the various components of the spatial domain. Smart Mobility is changing infrastructure needs that must be anticipated by both public authorities and private parties. Deloitte Real Estate is charting the (financial) consequences of these changes, focusing on their impact on policy choices regarding parking, inner-city urban development, energy needs, and program management.

Project development and urban development

Allocating (development) risks, drawing up business cases, structuring the development process, calculating the exploitation of assets and optimally coordinating the interests of stakeholders (such as the municipality, housing corporation and developer) often make a joint approach to (re)development essential.


Many construction projects and land operations are less resistant to adversity than initially assumed and must be made more dynamic in order to remain future-proof. We help you identify the risks, determine their magnitude and map out the measures you need to take to mitigate them. Does the current set-up enable you to achieve your strategic goals or do they need to be adjusted?

Alliances & Partnerships

Changing legislation and regulations, current economic conditions or the need to look after business interests more decisively may necessitate far-reaching cooperation or even a merger. Deloitte Real Estate can support you in choosing which parties you should work with and how to form such a partnership or merger process. We also act as quartermaster in the resolution of disputes between current cooperation partners.


Tendering takes many forms, but also includes specific contracts. Deloitte Real Estate can advise you on which contract is the most appropriate for example: DBFM(O), performance contract or a partnership agreement.

Economic impact analysis

Deloitte Real Estate gives insight into the economic value and impact of (policy) plans in order to support decision-making. Decision-making is facilitated optimally by providing transparent insight into direct, indirect and related effects of planned policy. To achieve this, models are made of the possible (economic) impact.

Economic development

Deloitte Real Estate advises governments on the retention and acquisition of parties that deliver a contribution towards regional and local ecosystems. Our extensive experience with the economic development of regions teaches us that there are various strategies which, together, contribute to the strengthening of ecosystems. Our services aim to articulate the specific competitive advantage a region has in a value proposition, highlighting the strong economic, physical and network aspects. We also focus on bringing together a leadership network and connecting this to start-up entrepreneurs through a sophisticated program.

Campus development

Deloitte Real Estate advises on the development of superior innovation districts, science parks, campuses and commercial estates. These are, in fact, expressions of micro ecosystems focused on R&D, (scientific) knowledge development and open innovation, with an explicit role for a manifest knowledge carrier. Characteristic of our service provision is that we connect positioning with the region’s strengths, market requirements and spatial-economic strategy objectives. By combining these aspects, our clients profit optimally from the momentum, while safeguarding the long-term perspective. Our advice in the field of campus development comprises of audience and market analyses, feasibility studies, concept development, differentiating character and profiling, partnerships, competition analysis and innovation.

Partnership location strategy & negotiations

Deloitte Real Estate supports corporates in negotiating optimal conditions for the future business location. By connecting corporate interests and societal benefits, a win-win situation can be realized. Our service provision ranges from the negotiation of incentives for an office location to agreeing on innovative cooperation structures in order to realize the build of a factory.


Lennert Middelkoop

Lennert Middelkoop


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Jurriën Veldhuizen


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Ingrid Wegkamp


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