10 key themes for trends and regulatory priorities


10 key themes for trends and regulatory priorities

Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2022 – New strategies for a changing world

The financial services industry and its regulators are facing major challenges. When it comes to climate and environmental crises, and the shifting risk landscape due to technological innovation, the time to act is now. What are the key themes and details of regulatory strategy for EMEA in general, and for the Netherlands in particular? And what can we expect in the near future?

Global issues, global approach?

In our highly intertwined global economy, a problem anywhere could potentially threaten recovery everywhere. As we all know, there are major global issues in the field of climate change and sustainability on the one hand, and new risks through technological innovation on the other hand. However, these have not yet led to any global, coordinated, or cross-sectoral standards. Regulators in all regions do recognise these challenges and are working to address them, but in most areas there will hardly be any common solutions in the short or medium term.

Financial Market Regulatory Outlook

Need for engagement

For firms operating cross-border, the result is a complex picture of different rules and shifting targets. It is becoming increasingly difficult for these firms to maintain common systems or common controls in relation to climate and technology risks across different regions. With many of these issues being so complex, the industry needs ongoing and constructive engagement with its regulators. Both sides need to adapt to a rapidly changing external environment. This offers the opportunity of sharing leading practices and lessons learned. The sustainability agenda is for us of pivotal interest. The Dutch Banking supervisor has demonstrated its proactive attitude on climate, environmental and social aspects of sustainability. Other topics like the past steep increase in house prices and a continued shortage of affordable supply of new houses will further trigger challenges in the balance sheet of Dutch banks.

10 key themes

In the Deloitte Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2022, we explore 10 key themes and details of regulatory strategy for EMEA: from “Transition to a sustainable economy” and “Innovation” to “Operational resilience”, “Revising the capital framework”, “Financial crime” and “Governance”. The report includes, among other things, a list of major Regulatory Deadlines for 2022. So it’s definitely worth a read! As research for this report, we conducted a survey among 93 senior executives and non-executives of financial services firms, asking them to rank the top 3 regulatory topics that they expected their Board to spend the most time on in 2022.

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