A blueprint for digital identity


A blueprint for digital identity

Research from Deloitte & The World Economic Forum

Lack of a strong, universal digital identity solution limits innovation and delivery of efficient, secure, digital-based Fintech offerings. Financial services institutions should drive the development of such a solution.

In order to continue the development and delivery of efficient, secure, digital-based Fintech offerings, financial services needs a sound digital identity solution. This report from Deloitte and the World Economic Forum looks at what exists today in the world of digital identity. We consider all aspects of a digital identity solution and how they should all engage with each other. 


Digital Identity solution - benefits for society

The development of a robust digital identity solution will benefit society as whole. Through the extensive research conducted we have found many good digital identity solutions which exist, but they would need to be connected in order to be more comprehensive and scalable. 

In this report we outline why we believe that financial institutions should lead the charge in developing a comprehensive digital identity solution. We also share the pieces of such a system would include, and outlines a road map to get there. Furthermore, we sketch a blueprint for a future state of a successful digital identity solution. 


More information on Digital identity

Download the report from Deloitte summarizing the findings of the Forum-Deloitte report to learn more about digital identity. Or take a dive into the details and read the extensive report from the World Economic Forum. Would you like to discuss the impact of Digital identity on your organisation? Please contact Roeland Assenberg van Eysden via +31 (0)88 288 2677 or Nick Smaling via +31 (0)88 288 8665.

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