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Power Up: new report available

Collaboration with ambitious early stage businesses can help FS firms experiment with innovation in a low cost, low risk way. Likewise, big businesses can help scaleups to develop their products and establish themselves in their markets more quickly than they could alone. Our Power Up research, the latest in a series of reports exploring the critical challenges facing the government and business, sets out to understand how we can better commercialise innovative ideas.

Power Up: 8 collaboration models

We know that collaboration will be essential both to boost innovative capabilities at home and help businesses to access new opportunities in foreign markets. But how are early stage businesses approaching the task? There are many means of collaboration and choosing the appropriate type to meet specific objectives is crucial. To this end, we’ve identified eight collaboration models which we invite you to consider for your business.

Power Up: 8 collaboration models

Executive summary

The theoretical benefits of innovation partnerships between corporates and aspiring scale ups are well known. However, there are significant cultural barriers to overcome. Young businesses are often self-sufficient in their quest to reach scale and do not seek collaboration opportunities with corporates.

Key Findings

  • Over half of scaleups have plans to expand overseas.
  • Interest in expanding to the US has more than doubled since the referendum.
  • Appetite for growth within the EU has fallen by almost 40%.
  • Scaleups recognise the benefits of collaboration with big business but remain hesitant.
  • There is a big opportunity for corporates and aspiring scaleups to form mutually beneficial partnerships, which have the potential to boost productivity and competiveness.

In the report

Read more in the report about:

  • Strengthen and develop relationship with non-traditional trading partners
  • Collaborate to access foreign markets
  • Build a culture of collaboration between corporates and scaleups
  • A framework for business collaboration
  • Recommendations

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