Crowdfunding as alternative finance model in the Dutch consumer market

P2P lending has experienced vast growth over previous years

In a financial climate where interest rates are persistently low and banks are increasingly selective in the borrower-categories they are willing to lend to, crowdfunding platforms have found fertile ground. Over the last decade the concept of online crowdfunding has experienced vast world-wide growth, enabled by technological innovations and the trend towards growing trust in online transactions.

Crowdfunding in the Netherlands

Crowdfunding activities within the Netherlands have also increased substantially. However, crowdfunding thus far only gained traction in the Dutch business market, while its activities in the consumer market have remained marginal to date. By assessing different types of crowdfunding in combination with Dutch market characteristics, this article explores the potential for crowdfunding in the Dutch consumer market. This article is based on a study executed by student Max Barendregt, to investigate the potential of crowdfunding in the Dutch consumer market. 

Exploring the potential of crowdfunding in the Dutch consumer market

Highlights of the whitepaper

  • P2P lending is taking the lead thanks to several competitive advantages
  • The Netherlands is the 4th biggest P2P lending market in Europe
  • Dutch P2P consumer lending has remained marginal
  • Is there a future in P2P consumer mortgage lending?
  • First initiatives are starting to emerge
  • Policymakers could accelerate investments
  • Institutional investors and professional parties are vital for growth

More information?

This article is published by Max Barendregt to summarize findings from his Master of Science thesis.

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