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Inside Magazine, Global Edition 2018

Magazine for financial services professionals

Companies are confronted with a changing environment and need to respond to challenges. Our objective is to provide professionals involved in governance, risk, compliance, and internal audit with thoughtful insights in order to overcome the main challenges they are likely to face.

Inside focuses on hot topics catching the market’s attention. Each quarter, we address topics related to a specific C-level function, explore them in detail and provide you with our analysis.

Inside Magazine issue 19, November 2018

Part 01 | From an innovation and digital perspective

  • Prospery, Wealth Management Reinvented
  • Your bank isn't digital, unless it's digital at its core
  • Transformation of core applications on the path toward digitalization
  • Open banking
    What worked in the past is not good enough for the future
  • The next generation data platform

Part 02 | From a core transformation/technology perspective

  • IT cost allocation
    The gateway to business alignment and mature service management... if done correctly
  • Current cloud challenges are (likely) not what you think they are. Are you up-to-date?
  • The tokenization of assets is disrupting the financial industry. Are you ready?
  • Can blockchain accelerate financial inclusion globally?
  • From robotic to cognitive automation
  • Traditional PMS software strategies to face the rise of rono-advisory solutions
  • Instant Payments
  • Digitalization of clinical trials
    How new technologies enhance the future of health care
Inside Magazine Issue 19, November 2018

Inside Magazine, Global Edition 2018

Part 01 | From a strategic and regulatory perspective

  • Bringing it all together
    Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2018
  • The view from the industry
    Deloitte Banking Union Supervision Survey
  • Dealing with divergence
    How banks can build a strategic response to the uneven implementation of Basel standards

Part 02 | From a digital perspective

  • Using RegTech to transform compliance and risk from support functions into business differentiators
  • Blended learning
    Combining digital and classroom training to achieve maximum results
  • Hope is not a strategy
    Confronting tomorrow’s cyber threats today
  • The algorithmic revolution is here
    Fight fire with fire
  • Cyber response training through immersive simulation:
  • elDAS 
    The EU as a forerunner in boosting the digital economy

Part 03 | From a governance and compliance perspective

  • Risk, reward, and the realities of doing business right
    Insights from the Deloitte Risk Conference
  • Global Risk Management Survey
    The future of risk in financial services
  • You and I were meant to fly
    The rise of managed services
  • What's next for bank board risk governance?
    Recalibrating to tackle new risk oversight expectations
Inside Magazine, Global Edition 2018

Inside Magazine, EMEA Technology November 2017

Part 01 | From a digital perspective

  • What makes a successful FinTech hub in the global FinTech race?
  • Compliance and Competitiveness
    Why open banking may be the solution for banks
  • Cognitive Intelligence to boost Digital Transformations in FSI
  • Blockchain meets reinsurance
    A contract management system solution
  • Digital onboarding for financial services
    A must-have for digital natives
  • Re-envisioning the customer banking experience

Part 02 | From a core transformation/ technology perspective

  • Reengineering your core processes and service layer
    A critical digital ecosystem enabler
  • Your RPA Journey
    From an idea to a fully functioning robotized center of excellence
  • Accelerate the value of technology enabled business transformations

Part 03 | From a risk and cyber perspective

  • Forensics? E-discovery?
    Things you need to know before delving into the world of digital evidence
  • The aftermath of ransomware
  • EduChain
    Validating your Educational Identity
  • Remote e-identification and e-signatures
    Trusting someone you have never seen
Inside Magazine, EMEA Technology November 2017

Inside Magazine issue 15, June 2017

Part 01 | In a changing world, new strategies are required…

  • The Future Models of Banking in Europe
  • How to integrate Customer Experience into a real Business Case
  • “The branch is dead”?
    Where will customers bank tomorrow?
  • Efficiency growth for SMEs
  • How will Brexit affect financial centers of excellence?

Part 02 | … and different issues related to challenges and opportunities of an internet age remain relevant

  • The General Data Protection Regulation
    Cross-industry innovation
  • A new generation of employees and technology
    How leadership needs to evolve to handle tomorrow’s challenges
  • Seven hidden costs of a cyberattack
  • Robo-advice today
    Assessing best-in-class companies across Europe
  • Digital government and the citizen journey
  • The Internet-of-Things
    A revolutionary digital tool for the healthcare industry
  • Fostering social impact through virtual reality
Inside Magazine issue 15, June 2017

Inside Magazine, EU Edition 2017

  • Organizational transformation in the EU context
  • Rethinking your business with the digital financial technology
  • Talent management in the EU
    Addressing European Human Capital challenges
  • “It’s the customer who pays the wages”
    The customer experience imperative for EU Institutions
  • Horizon 2020 at the crossroads
    European banking sector model in question
  • Driven by disruption
    Digitized trust and collaboration in the EU
  • The promise of RegTech
    Elevating regulatory risk management in the financial industry to an effective business management practice
  • Building a cybersecurity Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) and increasing national cybersecurity capabilities
    How cybersecurity is funded in the European Union
Inside Magazine, EU Edition 2017

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