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Intelligent automation presents a huge opportunity for Finance in financial services

Deliver information and value to the business more quickly, accurately and at lower cost

These intelligent automation technologies, which we call Robotic and Cognitive Automation (R&CA), can have a rapid transformative effect and are facilitating the standardisation of core finance processes that are long-overdue for simplification. A different approach is required to deploy robotics effectively by creating finance automation utilities, which is different to how automation is typically deployed within front and middle-office functions.

A unique automation approach

This unique approach, which combines robotics, point cognitive tools and operational excellence, can typically achieve a 20-25% increase in efficiency within six to twelve months. Furthermore, experimenting effectively with artificial intelligence (AI) can enable Finance functions to achieve over 50% efficiencies within two to three years, speeding up and vastly enriching the insight Finance brings.

Financial services organisations can harness the potential of R&CA to halve the capacity required from their Finance functions, or double their output, all while increasing the intelligence and quality of information. In the report we will explore how to achieve this.

Using intelligent automation to double productivity in Finance

Read the report to learn more on:

  • Opportunities for intelligent automation in Finance
  • Benefits of intelligent automation in Finance
  • Automation needs to be tailored to Finance processes
  • Rethinking the Finance operating model
  • How Deloitte is helping financial services organisations deploy intelligent automation in Finance
  • Learnings: approach to implementing intelligent automation

More information?

For more information on intelligent automation technologies in financial services organisations, please contact Marco van Ackooij or Ronald Koppen on their contact details below.

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