Marketplace lending 2.0


Marketplace lending 2.0

Bring on next stage in lending

Countries such as USA and UK provide a nice painting of our future in Marketplace lending (MPL) - as The Netherlands are 3-4 years behind in crowdfunding. In USA, we see MPL is on the cusp of transformation-again. Banks, marketplace lenders, fintech firms, and other organizations are converging into a digitized and efficient ecosystem. Read the report to examine the future of lending and consider how to make the most of new opportunities.

Digitization of the lending landscape

Marketplace lending has expanded well beyond a question of MPLs converging with traditional banking. Rather, it has taken many shapes to become an integral and expanding part of the lending landscape. Marketplace lending is a prime example of how digitization is becoming integral to financial services’ meaningful market share and operating efficiencies, while meeting rising expectations for customer experience in a digital world.

Marketplace lending 2.0

Technology platforms to originate loans

Yet, as marketplace lending evolves, it is also on the cusp of transformation, again. That there was unmet consumer small loan demand is now not in question, but the “low-hanging fruit” that drove MPL growth is well understood and being served by an increasingly diverse group of MPLs and other lenders. Convergence means that banks, MPLs, other organizations, and the marketplace lending ecosystem have likely become more efficient at using technology platforms to originate loans. So now it is up to MPLs who want to retain some degree of autonomy to continue to develop and evolve within the financial services industry with a disciplined approach, including underwriting with rigor, having hybrid funding access (which can include balance sheets), and finding customer scale through tactical partnerships. But let us not forget that there is also ample market opportunity for marketplace lending that does not require scale—providing online lending as a service (LaaS) in either a branded or white labeling capacity.

Next stage in lending - download the report

Download te report and learn more about the opportunities that banks, marketplace lenders, and broader fintech firms have to grow and evolve. If you'd like to discuss the opportunities for your company in more detail, please contact Roeland Assenberg van Eysden via the contactdetails you’ll find below.

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