The future of real estate service providers


The future of real estate service providers

Data is the new gold

The technological innovations affect the role of the real estate service provider. Many real estate service providers have been quite reluctant to the new technologies, while these technologies are likely going to change the industry segment drastically.

The way in which most industries and businesses are functioning is being reshaped by digital innovation. Robotics, augmented/virtual reality, sensor technology, internet of things, and building information modelling systems are poised to transform the real estate industry.

The digitalising of the industry makes it crucial to be prepared for the future adaptations in business models and the market entry of new competitors. The volume of data generated in the real estate industry is attracting, among other types of companies, international technology companies.

The future of real estate service providers

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What can real estate providers do to tackle this and stay ahead of the curve?

Deloitte Global has launched a report—Data is the new gold: The future of Real Estate Service Providers, that looks at drivers and trends that will impact the future of real estate services, and recommends steps that providers can take to remain successful.

Real estate service providers can lead the way by working with clients to develop and implement effective strategies around embracing technology, digitalizing buildings and infrastructure, and analyzing user behavior to meet the demands of the future.

Read the report to learn how providers can re-align their business models and services to sustain in the marketplace.

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