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The impact of the new IFD/IFR regime

An article series with five different perspectives 

Investment firms play an important role in facilitating pension savings and investment flows across the EU, with various services used to support effective capital allocation and risk management. As such, they are subject to the CRD IV /CRR prudential regime. To address this shortfall, the European Parliament has adopted the Investment Firm Directive (IFD) and the Investment Firm Regulation (IFR). IFR will apply from July 2021 onwards and there will be a plenary discussion about the IFD by the Dutch House of Representatives on September 14th.

Perspective 1 | I am an Investment Firm. What is this new prudential IFD/IFR framework I am hearing about?

This is the introductory article of a series of articles by Deloitte on the impact of the new IFD/IFR regime. This article is provides an overview of upcoming changes and impacts of the new prudential regime.

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Perspective 2 | What does this categorization of firms mean for me?

IFD/IFR distinguishes four classes of investment firms. A different class has different regulatory implications for a firm. This article discusses the different classes and how this affects you as a firm.

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Perspective 3 | How to master my governance and remuneration under IFD/IFR?

The introduction of IFD/IFR has consequences for the governance and remuneration policies and procedures of investment firms. While the rules on governance and remuneration are similar to the rules under CRD IV/CRR, there will be significant changes in some areas. This article discusses the impacts of these changes.

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Perspective 4 | IFR Consolidation – All For One And One For All

Supervisors not only look at one single investment firm for the compliance with new IFD/IFR prudential requirements, but also at other entities in a group. Is your investment firm part of a larger group? Then you may be in scope for prudential consolidation. This fourth article in its series on IFD/IFR provides a deep-dive on this topic and discusses supervisory options available to you.

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Perspective 5 | Investment Firm Transparency

Supervisory and public reporting are important duties for investment firms. But how can investment firms be transparent under the new IFD/IFR prudential framework? This article gives a clear insight into the regulatory reporting and disclosure requirements for investment firms.

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