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Think Forward Initiative | from insight to empowerment

How can we empower people to make better financial decisions? Together with a range of experts and research we started the Think Forward Initiative last year. On 15 march we presented the results of five projects and their solutions at the Think Forward Initiative summit in Munich. You can download the report with all results and solutions and watch the two short video's with insights of great speakers.

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Five projects and their solutions: how to make financial decisions?

At the first Think Forward Summit last year, participants defined three areas where people experience challenges in their financial decision-making. These challenges gave birth to five projects, which participants were busy working on throughout the past year. Here’s an overview of what each project researched and a description of the practical solution being developed based on that research.

The Think Forward Initiative (TFI) is a multi-year movement that brings together a range of experts and researchers to examine how and why we make financial choices. Deloitte is a knowledge and innovation partner to the Think Forward Initiative (TFI). Rapidly developing technologies enable us to radically improve and disrupt the future of financial services for consumers. At Deloitte, we believe that organizations around the world have the ability to harness the potential of these technologies and innovate, playing a significant role in shaping and influencing the role companies are fulfilling in the future. With the initiative we move from research to solutions. Understanding why people make certain financial decisions, such as saving, investment and retirement and borrowing, spending and budgeting but also financial literacy. With these insights from research, more personal, instant and relevant solutions can be designed to adhere to consumer needs and to drive sustainable progress in society at large.

Think Forward Initiative

Peter van Loon, MJ Petroni and Ralph Hamers about the Think Forward Initiative

Devie Mohan, Michael Norton and Björn Weigel about the impact of financial decisions on consumers' lives and the role that start-ups and corporates play

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