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Understanding culture in financial services

Scrutiny by the regulator, in principle and in practice

Senior regulators globally have emphasised the necessity of establishing the right culture within financial services firms. But it is much less clear how front line supervisors assess the culture of a firm and reach decisions on whether any problems identified are sufficient to justify intervention.

We have prepared a report in which we describe how supervisors are likely to approach this complicated task identifying six areas that we expect to attract particular scrutiny. We also provide examples of positive and negative indicators that could strongly influence supervisors’ ultimate judgement as to the culture of a firm and hence the strategy and resources they should deploy in supervising it.

Culture in financial services
6 supervisory areas of focus
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As well as reviewing trends in regulatory thinking on culture, this report is intended to provide you with an understanding of the perspectives of front line supervisors and the cultural indicators they are particularly alert to. This will enable you to respond to the sharpening supervisory focus on culture and better demonstrate your firm’s cultural alignment to the achievement of good customer, prudential and market outcomes.

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