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What gives you energy when working from home?

“Are you and your people okay?” - is the most frequently asked question these days. Whether it’s the start of an e-mail or the opening of a virtual coffee meeting to kick-off the day. And surprisingly, the way how each of us follows-up straight after that first question, gives some valuable insight in someone’s Business Chemistry type.

Fun fact; recently I was awarded by a colleague for the best job title ever (Chief
Chemist), but the truth is I don’t know anything about organic chemistry.
However, me and my fellow Deloitte Chief Chemists around the globe know about people, particularly in the work place.

Business Chemistry was specifically designed for use in the work environment to help you create stronger bonds and more meaningful interactions with
colleagues. With the current challenges we face while working from home – or
perhaps you see this as an opportunity – I want to contribute with a series of online articles about the effect on remote co-operation. Furthermore, I would like to share some fascinating insights on how the different Business Chemistry types respond to this.

“Another blog?!” - I can hear you virtually respond. Well yes! This serves as an introduction of results with practical insights and tips for working with your colleagues and business relations remotely. Every Business Chemistry type has their own preference.

Once you know about all four types, you’ll have a good insight of which type you are and you may be able to ‘hunch’ your colleagues. By this we mean to make an educated guess, a hypothesis if you will, as to another individual’s primary Business Chemistry preference.

  • Pioneers, who value possibilities and spark energy and imagination.
  • Guardians, who value stability and bring order and rigor.
  • Drivers, who value challenge and generate momentum.
  • Integrators, who value connections and draw teams together.

Over the past days I’ve done some inquiry amongst colleagues in The Netherlands to get insight into “What gives you energy when working from home?” and “What’s that one main challenge for you in this situation when working from home?”

Right now, you are possibly staying at home with your significant other and/or
children or housemates. That’s a whole gathering of people all trying to focus
on that one important business meeting or task. The meeting you were supposed to attend at the office is now scheduled into a conference call. The other people in your household all have their own personal agendas, whether it’s for work or school. This may result into strict guidelines on how to communicate with each other at home during business hours. Or perhaps you have to shift working hours for child care? And do you take a break from your screen or will you keep on working day and night? Every person deals with this situation in their own preferred way.

That’s the beauty of Deloitte’s Business Chemistry: the diversity of traits we all bring into our work.  Whether in the office or remotely. Over the upcoming days you can look forward to valuable insights and tips per Business Chemistry type. Curious what it is? Stay tuned!

For now please consider your own health and that of others. If you want to share your thoughts or have a valuable addition, please DM.

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