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Human Capital Trends 2021: Special report

The worker-employer relationship disrupted: If we’re not a family, what are we?

See what global business and HR leaders—and, for the first time, workers themselves—have to say about the evolving worker-employer relationship. Read our special report to unpack what the future might hold.

The challenges brought on by the pandemic have caused a fundamental shift in work, especially as worker-employer tensions surface amid return-to-workplace discussions. Executives recognize the profound effect this moment could have on how organizations recruit, support and interact with workers in the future. While the “survey-and-react” – or work as fashion – method has dominated to date, thriving in an uncertain future relies on having a clear and sustainable workforce strategy.

In the report, we explore four potential futures that could evolve for the worker-employer relationship, from an impersonal, purely professional relationship to a communal one where workers and employers are united in their purpose. While we cannot predict which future will exist, we do know that organizational leaders will need to be prepared to navigate many, if not all, at the same time. And doing that will require business leaders to shift their thinking from planning for the known to planning for the unknown. It will require a completely new mindset—from focusing on survival to focusing on thriving.

The 2021 special report described possible futures which are leading us through the shift from survive to thrive.

  • Work as fashion
  • War between talent
  • Work is work
  • Purpose unleashed

The Human Capital Trends 2021: Special report

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