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Deloitte's 2021 Human Capital Trends

In today’s world of perpetual disruption, it’s time for organizations to shift their focus – from a survival mindset to a thrive mindset. It’s time for leaders to shift their strategies – from preparing for the known to preparing for the unknown. How can organizations transform their thinking and position themselves to thrive when they are focused on making the changes necessary to survive? It depends on an organization’s becoming – and remaining – distinctly human at its core.

2021 Human Capital Trends

The world has changed—and so has our approach to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends research. Our 2021 report focuses on understanding what characteristics can support organizations in their shift from survive to thrive by revisiting a subset of key trends from the 2020 research, as well critical strategies to help leaders prepare for—and thrive—in the face of future disruptions. Completed by more than 3,600 executives in 96 countries, this year’s report included responses from more than 1,200 C-suite executives and board members, in addition to other management functions. For the first time in the report’s 11-year history, business respondents (59%), including 233 CEOs, outnumbered HR executives (41%) in the survey—underscoring the growing importance of human capital in organizational decision-making.

The 2021 report described new trends which are leading us through the shift from survive to thrive.

  1. Designing work for well-being: The end of work/life balance
  2. Beyond reskilling: Unleashing worker potential
  3. Superteams: Where work happens
  4. Governing workforce strategies: Setting new directions for work and the workforce
  5. A memo to HR: Accelerating the shift to re-architecting work

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