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Leading inner conversations

Inside the Leader's Mind, a book published by The European Leadership Platform, seeks to discover how leaders think. An important insight, because they have a great impact on our organizations. Those organizations, in turn, leave their mark on society and thus on our lives. By understanding what is going on inside the leaders’ minds, it can help us to make sense of the world in which we live. Ronald Meijers and Rens van Loon, both working for Deloitte Human Capital, wrote an essay for this book on leading inner conversations.

An essay on leading inner conversations

“Come on! You can do better than that!!” shouts the almost archetypical parental voice from the stands. As kids, we internalize this voice — and others — which typically pops up when we feel the urge to up our game, whether in the midst of a round of golf or during a pivotal presentation in the boardroom.

In this essay, we invite you to take a look into your inner conversations and reflect upon their quality. We believe it is essential to transform our internal discussions into dialogues, otherwise it will be impossible to effectively lead ourselves, and consequently, others. How we describe these inner dialogues is inspired by Hubert Hermans’ Dialogical Self Theory.

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