Inside the Leader's Mind   

Notes from a wandering spirit

Inside the Leader's Mind, a book published by The European Leadership Platform, seeks to discover how leaders think. An important insight, because they have a great impact on our organizations. Those organizations, in turn, leave their mark on society and thus on our lives. By understanding what is going on inside the leaders’ minds, it can help us to make sense of the world in which we live. Sander Nieuwenhuizen, Deloitte Netherlands' CHRO, wrote an essay for this book on how you can wander through your thoughts and mind, in order to better reflect on yourself.

An essay on letting your thoughts wander

Have you ever noticed that when laughter erupts in a meeting, it often means that someone has hit upon a truth? It’s another perspective on the matter at hand, juxtaposed to the generally accepted view that is being put forward. It’s a joke, right? Sure, but there is a truth in there too. It’s unexpected, and if brought lightly or with mock earnestness, then this comment or joke will pass and can actually move the meeting to another level.

What is that capacity that allows one to do that? To move a meeting, a team, an organization, to see things differently and create room for new growth.

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The European Leadership Platform

The European Leadership Platform was founded in 2003 by Twan van de Kerkhof. The Platform aims to inspire and facilitate leaders in their journey towards new leadership. We offer a safe haven that invites sharing of insights and experiences with peers from a wide variety of industries. At ELP, leaders can step away from the daily turmoil and take time and space to reflect on multidimensional themes at the intersection of their lives as a professional and a human being.

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