Robotics in Human Resources


Robotics in Human Resources

Innovation within HR is increasingly fueled through the application of Artificial Intelligence and robotics. On this website we have consolidated our materials around this topic and we will explain what it is, why you should use it, and how you can use it.

Edgy the Cognitive HR Agent

It sounds futuristic: a robot that eases the workload of the Human Resources department by resolving employee queries and supporting recruiters at events. Yet smart robot Edgy shows it’s possible. It has demonstrated a number of areas of application for robotics-based automation within HR.

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See HR automation and robot Edgy in action

The relevance of AI and Robotics in HR

Artificial Intelligence and robotics in HR: what is it, what is the current adoption rate of these technologies, and why it is relevant to you?

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Kick-starting your Robotics in HR journey

78% Of those who have already adopted RPA expect to significantly increase investment in the technology over the next three years. Sounds promising, but what exactly are then the benefits? And which processes to prioritize when starting with HR automation?

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