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Business Agility

In order to deliver short term value and quick results.

Business shows its innovative side with Business Agility by putting offerings and experiences into the market rapidly, successively and at scale. Do that, and it all adds up to achieving the ambition, with exponential income statement and balance sheet impact along the way.

Business Agility practice

Becoming more valuable, adaptable and meaningful. The agile era is here! Your environment is changing more rapidly then you are capable of, the change effort does not meet the expectations and your organisation is under increasing competitive pressure.. what to do?

Embrace agile in order to shorten time to market, increase customer satisfaction and promote collaboration across the organisation. This might sound easier than making this work, therefore Deloitte has experts who have dealt with this before.

  1. Adopt agile and, do agile better. Build the right capabilities across your organisation to deliver more value at higher pace, to more satisfied customers with happier employees.
  2. Stop fixing a failing system. Efforts to keep up have had little impact, merely optimizing a broken system. Don’t be afraid to start something new.

Within Deloitte we have a large team focused on Business Agility, who are all enthusiast agilists who are there to help you to embrace agility or to help mature your organization.

What does the business agility team have to offer you

  • Agile Portfolio management - Aligns strategy and execution by applying proven methodologies and approaches, fully aligned with Agile principles, to all activities from strategy down to governance and portfolio operations
  • Agile PMO – The key approach with an Agile PMO is not to manage and control teams in a traditional command-and-control top-down style, but instead work as part of service teams to:
    • Enable and support the formation of sustainable teams that focus on delivering policies and improvements with more value, faster flow and better quality.
    • Manage demand / backlog management and support and facilitate decision-making and prioritization.
    • Identify and eliminate impediments for delivery teams, including wider organisational issues that are barriers to incremental delivery.
    • Track and ensure strategic objectives are delivered across a combination of delivery teams and identify and help resolve dependency conflicts that cut across those teams.
    • Use new tooling, which are better suitable for adapting changes in scope and increment delivery.
    • Produce and maintain a dashboard of Agile metrics (e.g. value delivered, burn-up chart, overall speed, quality and cost of delivery, lead time for delivery of urgent needs).
  • Agile delivery – Are you looking for a pragmatic approach, hands-on agilists who help you to build the right capabilities and deliver more value at higher pace? Agile delivery helps to leverage our experience in your organization. We help setting up agile teams, think ahead and build feature roadmaps. We implement ceremonies in the daily work, and coach the DevOps teams to become more mature.
  • Agile Growth Scan – The Agile Growth Scan consists of expert facilitation and an online tool that result in the following benefits; 1. insight in agile maturity; 2. Impactful dialogue; 3. Uniform way of working; 4. Growth in productivity. The scan can be used on all three levels; team, program and portfolio.
  • Agile benefit management – The solution for organisations that are implementing Agile ways of working. The necessity to focus on benefits and business value rather than on deliverables or products is recognized. Agile ways of working include short delivery cycles that require continuous benefits tracking. Agile Benefits Management is integrated across all layers and helps organisations to focus on delivering benefits and creating business value.


Carlos Morales

Carlos Morales


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Axel Tuk

Axel Tuk


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