Change Adoption Profiler (CAP)


Change Adoption Profiler (CAP)

Data driven insights powering change

Every employee reacts differently to change within your organization. Instead of applying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to change management, Deloitte believes different groups can be identified with specific needs. That’s why we developed the Change Adoption Profiler: a scientifically based and data-driven method to provide insights into your organization’s change readiness.

Change Adoption Profiler (CAP)

Your challenge

Approximately 70% of change programs fail to be implemented as planned, if at all. Yet a fast moving and increasingly complex world requires organizations to change rapidly.
Unfortunately, change initiatives usually fail because the organization does not understand its readiness for change or its risks due to planned change. 

Typical questions you might have are:

  • How do you ensure successful adoption of change in your organization?
  • What is the general change readiness of your organization and which employee groups are most likely to embrace or resist change?
  • Which targeted change approach best fits the employees’ implementation needs?
  • What are the primary focus areas for management for strategic short and long-term decision making?


How Deloitte can help

Deloitte developed the Change Adoption Profiler (CAP), a scientifically based method that measures actual behavior next to self-reported behavior to change and tailors it to your organization by using your organizational data, for example HR data. The CAP solution identifies challenges and opportunities to manage change successfully in your organization.

The Change Scan measures the general change readiness of your employees. The Change Scan informs you how your employees respond to change through different profiles. This allows change managers to select change activities that match those profiles. A more traditional and risk averse employee might require a different approach than an employee that adopts quickly to changes.

The Change Monitor measures employees’ perceptions regarding a specific change. By monitoring it over time, the Change Monitor can indicate the change success of your approach and can point towards specific risks or opportunities.


CAP in four steps

  1. Survey: Our scientifically-based CAP survey can be customized to your organization and reveals non-observable behavior next to actual behavior.
  2. Add additional datasets: In addition to measuring expected behavior through the CAP survey, CAP uses factual data by combining HR data and behavioral data.
  3. Monitor change: Our intuitive CAP dashboard allows change managers to monitor results over time. This generates insights into the progress and effectiveness of your change approach.
  4. Detailed and targeted change approach: The CAP translates the insights into a detailed change approach that is tailored to fit to your employees’ needs.


Increase your change success

Instead of using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, start tailoring your change approach by using the Change Adaption Profiler:

  • Accelerate change adoption and save time by using CAP to apply user-centered interventions
  • Eliminate risks by identifying them faster through data-driven insights and mitigating them accordingly
  • Optimize costs, energy and time allocation through smarter, fact based decision making
  • Increase employee satisfaction by providing the best solution for each group of employees, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach


More information

Want to know more about the Change Adoption Profiler? Please contact Marjolein Vlaming via +31 (0)6 5359 8758.


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