Many HR organizations turn to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to help simplify process transformation and enable users to more easily access and engage with vital systems. That’s the vision. It’s powerful, and achievable. But it doesn’t happen automatically when the system goes live. Realizing the potential of cloud-based Human Capital Management is an ongoing process.

Beyond routine support and regular oversight, SaaS solutions require organizations to practice rigor and discipline to manage updates and decide when to adopt new features based on business objectives. Deloitte’s Application Management Services (AMS) provides not only day-to-day support to help keep your systems up and running smoothly but also functional and technical knowledge and strategic guidance.

Your Challenge

Deloitte’s Application Management Services help reduce the complexity of supporting and improving your HCM SaaS investment while your HR organization remains focused on supporting the business in ways that add value:

  • Cost & Efficiency
  • Quality & Risk Management
  • Resource Optimization
  • Agility and innovation

Why Deloitte

Main advantages of using Deloitte as partner for AMS services:

  1. We know and understand your configuration
    As we have contributed to your HCM Cloud implementation, we have a deep understanding of the current configuration. Our consultants for this project will have first hand experience with the existing configuration.
  2. We have been recognized for what we do
    Deloitte’s global practices and delivery centers are consistently recognized by our HCM Cloud partners for our quality and commitment to help our joint clients take full advantage of their solution. 
  3. Direct links with HCM Cloud product management
    As part of our partnership we have Deloitte product managers that work in close cooperation with our HCM Cloud partners.
  4. Faster resolution of configuration issues
    As we have a deep understanding of HCM Cloud solutions, so we are able to configure all of the required changes. This enables us to implement much faster and without delays.
  5. Best practices based on other client cases
    Deloitte will use and re-use client experience to ensure that our AMS clients can benefit from existing solutions.

Our solution

HCM SaaS solutions come with frequent updates, improvements and availability of new functionality after your implemented Saas Solution. Companies’ support oganizations must be prepared for updates and have resources in place to uptake the enhancements in order to make the most of your HRT SaaS investment. Deloitte will be able to provide AMS support after the implementation of a SaaS solution to be prepared and equipped to manage updates and enhancements, like release management support, minor enhancements, incident support, service request and super user support. Our Cloud AMS practice offers complementary services to the SaaS Vendor and the clients Internal support organization


Sanne Welzen

Sanne Welzen


Sanne is a Partner Human Capital, Deloitte Consulting; responsible partner for HR Transformation and HCM Cloud. Sanne’s main areas of expertise are HRIS strategy & HRIS implementation, Integrated Tale... Meer

Mariska Groeneweg

Mariska Groeneweg


Mariska Groeneweg is the AMS Offering Lead at Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands and works in the Human Capital Service of Deloitte. Mariska’s main areas of expertise are HRIS implementation, HR O... Meer