An organization's culture is a complex, highly valuable asset, difficult to replicate and a powerful competitive advantage when aligned with corporate strategy. Culture is “the way we do things around here” and becomes visible in the choices people make, how they interact with one another and how they deliver against their objectives. Culture can be transformed through an understanding of the current and desired future state, and by activating various organizational levers, such as changes in management processes, learning, recruitment, and leader behaviors, to steer the culture in the desired direction. By examining two sets of dimensions — core and differentiating — Deloitte’s Culture Framework and Diagnostic Tool provides the objective insight and rigor required to understand cultural strengths and gaps and drive the behaviors needed to support business strategy and achieve truly differentiated performance. Focusing on ‘moments that matter’ provides a frame to reinforce and embed key behaviours and achieve an organization’s cultural ambitions.

Your Challenge

An organizations distinctive culture can be a powerful competitive advantage. However, when not aligned to the company strategy and adapted to changing contexts, it can result in the loss of business value. One of the greatest challenges that companies face is shaping their culture in such a way that it drives the organizational strategy and increases performance. Successful organizations have tapped into the value of answering difficult cultural questions, such as: How do we shape a ‘high performance culture’? How can we stimulate innovation in the workplace? How do we build a diverse and inclusive workforce? How do we encourage behaviors that support a digital culture? How can we create a culture that fosters collaboration, courage and agility?

Why Deloitte

Deloitte's Culture Service Offering can help your organization understand and actively shape culture so employees are highly engaged to deliver on the business strategy. We start by identifying your business needs and future vision, assessing the current culture, and analyzing data to generate insights around the current state. These inputs are then used to transform organizational culture by building and executing a plan that makes the changes truly stick. At the end of our engagements, your organizational culture will be closely aligned with strategy, shaped and lead by leaders, sustained by employee behaviors and enabled by the right organization, business processes and governance.

Our Solution

Deloitte’s experience, services and next-generation CulturePath assessment & transformation solution can deliver compelling and analytics-driven visibility into your organization. It allows you to guide your organization throughout the transformation journey while instilling confidence in your leadership to chart the path forward. Because at end of the day, anyone can copy your strategy but no one can copy your culture.


Erwin Koster

Erwin Koster

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Bernard van der Vyver


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Katalijn Ritsema van Eck


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