HR Technology Strategy & Vendor Selection

Today’s organizations are confronted with an ever growing menu of technology considerations that span between on-premise, cloud, and custom solutions. Deploying HR technology solutions is part art and part science. The science comes from world-class tools and proven methodologies, but the art can only come from experience. The experience to know which technologies to leverage, how they integrate with your processes to create the right employee experience and how they can be deployed in your organization to drive adoption and, most importantly, change. Working with Deloitte allows you to leverage our know-how to optimize the value of your technology investment and create the capacity you need to focus on leading the business forward.

An HR Technology Strategy and Vendor Selection effort includes: assessment of ERP and Cloud solutions, vendor selection support, and technology solutions for shared service centers and outsourced operations. This offering spans innovative technology practices to address an organization‘s specific needs for HR solutions related to people, data, reporting, and portal requirements.

Your Challenge

We help you to chart a path forward to synchronize HR priorities with available supporting technologies and assist in alignment with the overall business strategy. Our blend of strategy and implementation experience allows us to bring insights and guidance to our work which ensures that the HR technology strategy can effectively be executed in practice. Based on a standardized as-is analysis, we help you to determine priorities on both processes and technology, and subsequently build an HR technology strategy and roadmap.

An integrated HCM cloud based solution has a lot of advantages, such as improved user experience, access to ongoing innovation and best practices to support the business. Each of the different solutions provide their own strengths and weaknesses, finding the optimal offering is highly dependent of the unique requirements of each organization. It's no surprise, then, that some HR leaders struggle with where to begin. What business priorities and objectives are you aiming to support with the HCM cloud solution? What is the best way to implement the solution and use it to meet business needs? How can you maximize your investment in the HCM cloud solution? What steps will ensure widespread adoption of the solution by employees? Deloitte can help the client to make informed decisions in all phases of the vendor selection process, such as setting up the business case, conducting a vendor analysis, assisting in the selection and providing guidance during the contract negotiations.

Why Deloitte

For determining the HR Technology Strategy, we combine an inside-out and outside-in perspective. Firstly, we conduct a current state technology evaluation by examining which applications are currently in place, assess their health, and determine how much costs are associated with each. We deliver data on the changing HR technology landscape to help the client to understand the HR technology marketplace. And finally we define a HR technology strategy roadmap by developing an integrated roadmap for future-state technology platforms which are linked to the business and HR strategy.

In order to provide the optimal base for the vendor selection, the first step is an extensive assessment of the requirements. The identified requirements will function as the input for the vendor analysis. If required a proof of concept and demos can be provided. After a thorough analysis and evaluation of the different vendor solutions the outcomes will be evaluated. This evaluation will result in a ranking of the most suitable vendor solution for the exact needs and requirements of the organization. If desired, Deloitte can also implement the solution in most cases.

Our Solution

HR Technology is a key enabler of the HR strategy and enables the business to make better use of data and take the right talent decisions. HR Technology enables anywhere anytime access to information and facilitates rapid change in your organization. Finally HR Technoly is lowering the administrative burden and is enlarging the focus on strategic matters.

Deloitte can offer an objective assessment of which vendor can provide the most suitable solution. Beside Deloitte has extensive experience with the current best-of-breed HCM Cloud solutions (Workday, SuccessFactors and Oracle) and can deliver end-to-end support during the entire vendor selection process. Finally Deloitte has the capabilities and resources to be the implementation partner for the majority of the HCM Cloud solutions.


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