HR Strategy & Employee Experience


HR Strategy & Employee Experience

New technologies, platforms, processes and systems are meaningless without the capability to leverage them to the fullest. We are often amazed at how much investment is put into new solutions as compared with the time taken to upskill the HR organization itself. After all, it’s the HR professionals who are truly impacting and delivering the customer experience. Working with Deloitte enables you to focus on building the culture and capabilities you need to deliver for the future so that they don’t get stale in the context of today’s ever-evolving business demands.

Your Challenge

To leverage operations to achieve business growth, the first step is to understand what HR Operational Excellence really is, and then how we achieve it.  Think of it as answering the question: Where will our journey of continuous improvement take us? A good answer is that our journey will take us to HR Operational Excellence, or the point at which every employee can see the flow of value to the customer, and fix that flow before it breaks down.

Why Deloitte

Human Resources (HR) departments have great potential to influence customer experience. Deloitte can help in the determination of who are HR’s customers, and what can HR do to support what external customers expect of the company. Engaging HR professionals with their internal customers and with the company’s strategic intent of customer experience management is viewed as very important to customer experencie success.

Our solution

We use design thinking in order to create programs, processes and policies that delight and engage HR customers. This helps HR leaders to truly understand customer needs by taking a walk in their shoes and to articulate HR transformation as a journey that begins and ends with the customer.
We do this by creating HR personas (i.e. customers and their impact on organization's strategy), high impact moments (i.e. HR experiences that really matter for a customer point of view), and HR journey maps (i.e. description of what customers undergo during the high impact moments that matter most to them).


Renate Laracker

Renate Laracker


Renate specializes in improving HR functions through assessment, design and implementation of HR strategies, Service delivery models and enabling processes/ technology (e.g. Workday). Through her expe... Meer

Bart Moen

Bart Moen


Partner at Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands and leading the national HR Transformation practice. Deep skills in HR Transformation – specialised in improving HR functions through assessment, desi... Meer

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