Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Companies embark on a merger, acquisition, or restructuring because they believe it will yield business value. Properly recognizing and managing the people aspects of the effort is critical to realizing this potential value. Deloitte M&A and restructuring professionals draw upon the experience earned in more than 1,000 global engagements to guide companies on how to enable growth, capture value, and bring the business together (or effectively carve the business out). Our subject matter experience encompasses the full range of Human Resources matters throughout the transaction life cycle, including Total Rewards, Organization & Talent Development, culture change, HR Transformation, and Actuarial Services. These are backed by Deloitte's deep breadth of experience across the disciplines of Consulting, Audit, Tax, and Financial Advisory for a comprehensive approach that is both business-led and people-driven.

Your Challenge

Global transactions and restructurings are known for their complexity, extreme stakeholder sensitivity and challenging timeframes. People due diligence and integration activities are critical to enable enterprise-wide business continuity, talent retention, and employee engagement.

Questions we help our clients answer are:

  • How will we integrate our employees across multiple divisions, locations or even countries?
  • How will we select, position and enable our new leaders to lead the integration/ transformation as well as business as usual and how do we achieve a positive employee experience in the midst of site closures and other disruptive changes?
  • What is the cost profile of the combined org design and how will it be managed through the org design and selection process?
  • What should the combined / new organizational structure look like in order to preserve legacy companies' strengths and capture deal value? 
  • What additional skill-sets might be needed to support the combined / new geographic landscape and/or replace those skill-sets that decline to relocate?
  • What process will be put in place to access and review talent data and select the right talent for the combined org?
  • How do we understand impacts on employees and manage the transition and consultation process?
  • What is the communications approach to identify key stakeholders and change impacts resulting from employee relocations, turnover, and office closures?

Why Deloitte

As Deloitte’s Human Capital team, we understand the people related challenges that organizations face when preparing for and realizing a restructuring or merger. We can help in planning, prioritizing, facilitating and executing the required activities regarding Total Rewards, Organization & Talent Development, culture change and HR Transformation. Leveraging our in depth experience and proven methodologies whilst focussing on what matters most for our clients

We know how these activities are interlinked and how they relate to the overall (and for M&A specific) program milestones, value improvement objectives and legal requirements

Our solution

Partnering with Deloitte's Human Capital team help clients to design and implement new organization in an effective and efficient way. Leaders are ready to lead the transition, new organization structures are designed and implemented timely to ensure value capture. And, as important; both employees and external stakeholders experience a smooth transition


Petra Tito

Petra Tito


Ik ben de verantwoordelijk partner voor de Organisation, Change and Leadership serviceline binnen de Human Capital praktijk. Daarnaast ben ik de Consumer Business Industry Leader voor Consulting.... Meer