Technology Adoption

Organizations across the globe continue to invest substantially in new technology. These solutions, if well implemented, have the potential to fundamentally transform the way companies do business, and how they leverage their people to deliver business value. To drive adoption—and get the most out of technology investments—companies should think differently about change. Technology implementation projects are large, complex, and typically span multiple geographies and employee groups. They require smart, precise change management. Successful implementations are those where leadership capabilities, relationships and structures are in place to support adoption and use, and change tactics and activities are customized based on specific organizational and stakeholder needs. At Deloitte, we apply analytics-based insights to help organizations manage change, equip employees with the competencies needed to operate new technologies, and ultimately capitalize on their technology investments.

Your Challenge

Many organizations across the globe continue to invest substantial amounts of money in new technology solutions. These technologies, if well implemented, have the potential to fundamentally transform the way companies do business, and how they leverage their people to provide real business value.

When adopting a new technology platform, the technology can be yours to mold. But your organization may yield less easily to change. If you over-configure the technology to fit the organization, are you really moving forward? Achieving a return on a large, multiyear technology investment involves systems, processes and people that can improve in step with one another. That can take leadership alignment and involvement; consistent, meaningful communication that addresses peoples’ “me” questions; role-specific learning opportunities; accessible post-go-live support – and the bandwidth to make it a priority.

Why Deloitte

How we can help

  • Helping leadership and employees align and unify around a common vision
  • Aligning employee performance with specific company strategies and implementation objectives
  • Assisting the business in communicating the vision, changes, and expectations of their employees
  • Building a framework and structure for continuous learning and system support
  • Using data to repeatedly assess employee acceptance of the change, drive decisions to address adoption gaps and continuously update engagement approaches based on findings
  • Minimizing the amount of time employees need to become proficient or skilled in the new system and business processes

Our solution

Bottom-line benefits

We have assisted our clients to:

  • Recoup the initial investment in the technology by fostering effective employee adoption that enhances efficiencies
  • Reduce the learning curve associated with a major transformation to help achieve full productivity sooner
  • Identify common risks associated with a business transformation ahead of time and address them before implementation


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