HCM Workday

The Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) solution offers a cutting-edge, cloud-based, SaaS platform to manage, deploy, and develop workforce capability, and to provide analytics and insights. It provides the means to enhance HR service delivery effectiveness, and free HR to focus on strategic activities to support the business.

Deloitte’s Workday team brings extensive knowledge drawn from implementing more projects than any other partner in the ecosystem. Our track record for quality, as rated by Workday’s Delivery Assurance program, is the highest in the market. We use our full life cycle methodology, integrating our leading methods and tools, to effectively and efficiently implement Workday from planning through go-live and into ongoing support.

Your Challenge

Over the last five years, the HR discipline has undergone a rapid evolution. It has moved from a race to the "cloud" to Digital HR in a period of three years. HR is changing again, focussing on people, work and platforms. We call the resulting set of HR practices, Digital HR. With Workday HCM, you can start build a modern digital HR platform, which allows you to continuously experiment and innovate.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte is the undisputed leader in Workday, we are regonised by Forrester and Gartner as #1 globally. Deloitte and Workday have a CEO to CEO relationship which is established over 7+ years ago. We have over a 1.000 certified professionals. We have executed over 200 projects globally. We have a global methodology to implement Workday and we have developed our own tools to accelerate a Workday time to value.

Our solution

Deloitte has highly skilled, experienced and certified consultants covering all ofWorkday HCM. Next to that we can cover the full breath of elements involved with implementations, like change management, training, technical integrations and payroll knowlegde.

Our methodology is different than traditional implementation techniques:

  1. Iterative vs. sequential development approach 
  2. Begins with the leading practice of end-to-end process maps and configured prototypes as a starting point
  3. Identifies both HR service delivery and Workday requirements for roles standardization and integration
  4. Project management (incl. risk & issue management) and quality management are embedded within our methodology and out-of-the-box tools and accelerators are available.


Raimond Rovers

Raimond Rovers


I am a Director at Deloitte Consulting, focusing on Human Capital with a specialisation in Digital HR and Workday. I lead the Workday HCM practice in The Netherlands. I gained more than 14 years of ex... Meer

Sanne Welzen

Sanne Welzen


Sanne is a Partner Human Capital, Deloitte Consulting; responsible partner for HR Transformation and HCM Cloud. Sanne’s main areas of expertise are HRIS strategy & HRIS implementation, Integrated Tale... Meer