Workforce Planning & Analytics

With the emergence of the gig economy, the change in the demographics of the workforce and the ever-evolving business needs, it’s clear that the workforce of tomorrow will look very different than the workforce of today. To be a true business partner with the credibility to lead the business – not just sit at the table - HR can’t just be managing talent, you need to be building the workforce of the future. In order to make effective, fact-based decisions about current talent needs as well as predict employee behaviors, organizations need to be able to leverage large amounts of internal and external data. Many HR organizations are only beginning to develop this capability or are unsure how to work with the data they do have. Working with Deloitte enables you to gain the insights you need to build and execute a workforce strategy that will help the business survive today’s disruption.

Your Challenge

Organisations require HR to play an increasingly strategic role in the realisation of business goals and organisational ambitions. Since up to 80% of expenditure & value related to executing business strategy, driving revenue, and improving customer experiences can be associated to the workforce this is the biggest single source of cost, risk and value within organisations. In order to manage these costs, risks and drive value organisations adopt fact-based decision-making. Two ambitions can be distinguished:

  • Gain data-driven insights on a critical or strategic business issues
  • Develop the organisational HR Analytics capabilities

Why Deloitte

  • When gaining data-driven insights on a critical or strategic business issue organisations benefit from our aim to combine short-term insights with long-term ambitions to increase your understanding of the critical issue in order to manage the costs, risks and value associated with this business issue. 
  • When developing the organisational HR Analytics capabilities clients benefit from our holistic approach as we go beyond technology, data and analytic capacity but address analytics in the organisation as a whole.

Our solution

When obtaining data-driven insights on a critical or strategic business issue organisations will:

  • Take control over this issue rather than having to deal with it
  • Understand the organisational drivers and predictors of the business issue. 
  • Learn what can be done to reduce the costs and risks or increase the value through targeted interventions\


When developing the organisational HR Analytics capabilities organisations will:

  • Mature all organisational aspect required to make HR Analytics a success 
  • Obtain a roadmap laying out a realistic and executable plan –including practical pointers –for developing and maturing the HR analytic capabilities
  • Rely on Deloitte’s HR Transformation expertise to guide this transition towards an insight-driven HR practice


Frederike Rip

Frederike Rip

Senior Manager

I lead the Workforce Analytics service offer for Deloitte The Netherlands. I am passionate about Analytics and it is my personal mission to help Dutch organizations to start working with Analytics and... Meer

Sander Buijsrogge

Sander Buijsrogge


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Bart Moen

Bart Moen


Partner at Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands and leading the national HR Transformation practice. Deep skills in HR Transformation – specialised in improving HR functions through assessment, desi... Meer