Organization Design as a Service (ODaaS)


Organization Design as a Service (ODaaS)

Building and supporting inhouse Organization Design (OD) capabilities enabled by data and platform based OD services

For most companies organizational change is inevitable, as they are looking to adapt to changing strategies, business models and other circumstances. A company’s ability to self-manage organizational change is more important than ever. If you are looking to strengthen your internal Organization Design capability, Deloitte’s ODaaS offering can accelerate your ambitions!

The future can never be predicted with certainty; consequently, many large organizations realize their long-term transformation needs constant attention towards their organization design to become a success. Our ODaaS solution provides and builds in-depth OD capabilities based on data analytics during long-term transformations. But the question is, how can organizations prepare for this? Fortunately most organizations are starting to realize that a fit for purpose organizational design and dynamic ways of working are key ingredients to unlock adaptability. 

However, organizations don't always possess the right tooling, capabilities, and expertise to lead these long-term shift towards organization adaptability. Often organization redesign is; done as a 'one-off exercise' in functional silos, not aligned to the overall business strategy and limited attention goes into embedding and governing the organization change to ensure longer term organizational health.

That's where Deloitte can support. With our dedicated organization design practice we have the scale and expertise to provide our clients with a fit for purpose approach to tackle their long-term organizational transformation ambitions. Our ODaaS is different and complements our 'standard' project based OD support model, where our support is centered around a time boxed approach to design and deliver organization change. ODaaS is a comprehensive service that enables companies to drive organizational health on the longer term. We help you to effectively build and operate your internal Organization Design capability.

With ODaaS we:

  1. Enable your OD practitioners to drive effective organizational change
  2. Provide access to state-of-the-art Organization Design tooling for insight and modelling of potential future organizational models
  3. Integrate, structure, and maintain your organizational data
  4. Provide periodically insights into your organizational health and define targeted actions
  5. Provide deep dive insight and analyses on specific parts of your organization
  6. Provide access to latest OD trends and models, and strategic sparring partner for complex organizational challenges

Whether it be support to build an internal OD capability, or co-deliver and embedding sustainable organizational change, we bring top-of-the-market organization design expertise combined with the latest OD analytics technology to provide insight, and translate these results into actions that will lead to sustainable success. 

Organization Design as a Service (ODaaS)


Arno van den Bergh

Arno van den Bergh


Responsible for the Organization Design practice in the Netherlands with a core focus on the financial services industry... More