16 Artificial Intelligence Projects from Deloitte

Case study

16 Artificial Intelligence Projects from Deloitte

Practical cases of applied AI

Applying AI to your business can create the acceleration you are looking for. With a large number of AI-projects, Deloitte has all the expertise to help you embrace it successfully and benefit from the power of AI. Need inspiration? Here are 16 cases of applied AI from Deloitte for you.

According to some, artificial intelligence is the most promising development for the future. From curing cancer to resolving the global hunger crisis, artificial intelligence is being presented as the solution to all of our problems. Others, however, regard it as a threat – artificial intelligence may potentially give rise to unemployment and inequality, and could even jeopardize the continued existence of humankind. As the technology entrepreneur Elon Musk put it: “The benign scenario is that artificial intelligence can do any job that humans do – but better.”

Deloitte has positioned itself on the optimistic side of that spectrum. “We believe that artificial intelligence will be extremely helpful to us and to our clients”, says Richard Roovers, a partner at Deloitte Netherlands and Innovation Lead Transformational Solutions North-West Europe. Artificial intelligence will enable us to solve problems that humans are unable, or hardly capable, of solving, explains Richard. “Artificial intelligence is capable of processing massive quantities of data and has the ability to discover patterns that even the smartest mathematicians are unable to find. That in itself opens up a large number of new possibilities.”

Those new possibilities are what this book is about. The case studies provide an overview of the ways in which Deloitte is working to develop applications incorporating artificial intelligence – both internally and for use with clients. The applications are diverse, make use of different technologies and can be found in a diverse range of industries. This shows that aside from all of the predictions for the future, artificial intelligence has already been a reality in the business sector for some time and forms a resource that could possibly provide your company with a decisive lead.

16 Artificial Intelligence projects

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