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Providing direct insights based on the analysis of 50,000 annual reports

Via Deloitte's brand new online store, Company- and Industry risk reports are available for just € 99,-. All reports are delivered in your mailbox in just 60 seconds. A fast and affordable way to gain insights into your company- and industry risks.

Artificial intelligence powered

Deloitte’s Company- and Industry risk reports are based on real-time analyses of 50,000 annual reports. A dedicated team of global data-scientists with PhD’s in Advanced Analytics developed special software to analyze and compile the business reports, using cutting edge artificial intelligence, natural language processing and a unique data-set.


Unique selling Point

Ewout Bolhuis, Director at Deloitte Innovation, tells what makes this online store so unique: ‘Deloitte is globally recognized as one of the leading consultancy firms in the world. Our traditional business-model is to offer tailor-made services to our clients. Through we offer automatic Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered products instead of tailor-made personal services’.

Kees Plas, Director Managed Risk within Risk Advisory, adds: ‘With our service area Technology Enabled Solutions we aim to deliver products and managed services to our clients that create value for their business. This automatically generated Risk report is a clear example of Risk knowledge combined with Technology delivered through a new business model.’


Current offering

The current assortment of consists of Company- and Industry risk reports. The 24-page counting reports give excellent insights into 125 global reported industry risks. The risk reports are divided into four main (COSO) categories: Strategy, Compliance & Risk Reporting, Operation-Sales and Operations-Support. Each report includes a 3-page executive summary, relevant industry related infographics and recorded industry changes over time.

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Deloitte Webshop - 100% fact-based risk reports in only 60 seconds

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