Innovation as a discipline at Damen Shipyards

Case study

Innovation as a discipline at Damen Shipyards

A Dutch shipping company building innovations

After having defined an innovation strategy together, Damen Shipyards requested Deloitte to assist in the development of an innovation capability. This resulted in a pragmatic approach in which two teams develop transformational business ideas using Deloitte’s Building Innovations methodology, which builds on Lean Start-up principles but is applicable to corporate contexts.

Deloitte’s Building Innovations methodology helps developing business ideas into desired products or services by validating ideas with customers early in the process. The customer-centric mindset helps venture teams to identify false assumptions timely and quickly adapt accordingly. The teams of Damen work towards Minimum Viable Offerings (MVO), which are imperfect prototypes of the business idea allowing for validation of business assumptions. Using this methodology while separating venture teams from their day to day operations increases your return on innovation. It allows to separate good ideas from bad ones at an early stage in a disciplined way. Watch the video to learn more about the innovation partnership between Deloitte and Damen Shipyards.

Innovation as a discipline at Damen Shipyards

Frank Eggink, CFO Damen Shipyards: “One of the main takeaways for me from the engagement with Deloitte on Damen 2025 is that the conventions that are informing our group of companies today, may well be somewhat different from the conventions that will inform the future.”

Solco Reijnders, Program Manager Innovation Damen Shipyards: “We put the teams outside of the day-to-day business, which allowed the teams to focus, become more of a team, and work faster that way. We are going to implement this way of working more often.”

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