Official Deloitte Artificial Intelligence Hackathon


Official Deloitte Artificial Intelligence Hackathon

Sign up now and win € 2.000,- with your team

Deloitte Innovation organises a brand new Artificial Intelligence Hackathon for students at Dutch universities.

22nd - 23rd November 2018

We are thrilled to announce our brand new AI Hackathon that will take place from 22nd of November 2018 until the 23rd of November 2018. Join the 24hrs challenge, work alongside Deloitte employees, boost your programming skills, expand your AI network, and get the chance to win an awesome prize with your team!

The challenge

Our very own AI robot little AIME needs new skills to impress. At the moment she can personally welcome guests, recognize people, mimic mood and play AI-related games. Also, you can show her an object and she will tell you what it is. In the upcoming future, little AIME needs some improvements. Therefore we organize the official Deloitte AI Hackathon in order to create creative and original new features for little AIME.

Who can join?

All students from AI, Computer Science, Data Science and related fields are welcome to join the challenge and team up with Deloitte employees in order to create something awesome.

Registration and prize

If you want to register, please send the Hackathon registration form to Feel free to reach out, if you have any further questions.

The winning team will get the opportunity to finalize its project further within Deloitte and take home the awesome prize of € 2.000,-.


Marjolein Vlaming

Marjolein Vlaming


Marjolein Vlaming is part of Deloitte Innovation and the Program Manager of Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Expertise. With her background in both Psychology and Information Management, s... Meer