Backoffice transformation

Our hospital specific ERP template

With our future proof SAP S/4HANA ERP template with hospital specific best practices, you can easily bridge the gap between back office processes and the primary care process.

Your challenge

Backoffice processes are the core of every hospital. However, they do not want to be bothered with the system; ERP should be working properly and make their jobs easier. ERP is often perceived as something simple, something that shouldn’t be too complex. The medical business is sufficiently complex by itself. Using our hospital specific ERP template, we can bring the primary process and te backoffice processes closer together.

Why Deloitte

We are your go-to implementation partner for SAP S/4HANA backoffice transformations in Healthcare. We have a hospital specific (pre-configured) S/4HANA template and guide you with our experience through the implementation.

By leveraging our deep health industry knowledge and the hybrid-agile way of working, together we can deliver this new S/4HANA platform within 10 months. 

Our solution


Our hospital specific ERP solution ERP4HC2.0 runs on the latest SAP technology S/4HANA and the HANA database. This modern digital core adds value through efficient and automated interaction from every department or ward of the hospital. This and the Cloud infrastructure with extensive possibilities to link with other business applications and to opt for digitization and robotization make this a future-proof ERP solution.

Our hospital specific template contains best practice processes for finance, procurement, logistics and warehousing. The template can also be expanded with SAP facility- and asset management modules. These best practices comply with legislation and regulations specific to healthcare. 

Proven best practice solution

Our solution is ready and based on best practices developed in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is currently running at almost 50 hospitals, including a number of academic hospitals throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Due to the large installed base, this template is fully supported and continuously being development and improved partly due to the influence of the user groups. 

Innovation is key

S/4HANA is a future proof innovative solution with standard RPA, Machine Learning and IoT possibilities like improving 3-way match by RPA and ML, Monitoring temperature during transport by IoT sensors. Innovative AI scanning solutions and predictive stock analysis (AI)


Matthijs Boom

Matthijs Boom


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Rens Gielleit

Rens Gielleit

Senior Manager

Rens Gielleit is Senior Manager bij Deloitte Consulting binnen het Public Sector and Health team. Hij heeft ruim 12 jaar ervaring in ERP projecten in de publieke sector waarvan de laatste vijf jaar in... More