Innovator Track

Innovator Track is aimed at developing innovations that can be realized within 1 to 3 years. While at the same we will improve your organization's innovation performance.

84% of the world’s CEO’s consider innovation crucial for their business growth strategy due to;

  • Technological developments 
  • Market developments
  • Changing clients’ needs
  • Launch of a ‘cheaper’ alternative 
  • End-of-lifecycle 

Yet, organising successful innovation processes is difficult when you are focused on running the day to day business at its best.


How Deloitte helps you

We help you define your innovation strategy based on your corporate strategy. We design and implement the ideal innovation ecosystem and do this concurrent with executing the innovation process. This will result in a more innovative and sparked-up mind-set of the people in your firm (culture change) and a well-trained innovation team, familiar with innovation models and methodologies. We offer project management for innovation project teams helping them realizing their new products / services and make sure your innovations will be launched in the market.



We help you:

  • Realize revenue-generating new products / services
  • Define your innovation strategy and design and implement the innovation process and ecosystem
  • Incorporate innovation within your organisation


Fred Nijland

Fred Nijland


I’m working with my clients in the food and feed industry on customer strategy and innovations. In addition I am coordinator of the Food Tech Accelerator. Over the past 20 years I worked alongside sen... More