Network Innovation

Some of the challenges and opportunities organizations encounter require innovations that can only be found beyond the individual organizational borders. This requires a group of organizations to work together on visioning, ideation and development to realize the needed innovations.

How Deloitte helps you

We bring together the needed organisations and develop a shared view of the desired outcome. Based on this view, we facilitate the participating organisations in creating, developing and realizing ideas that lead to that outcome.

A group of 10 to 15 organisations work coherently together for 6-8 months in several sessions, to realize new products, services or solutions, which strengthen their network. 



• Innovations (products or services) that surpass the boundaries of your organisation.

• Improved performance of your network, sector or value chain.

• New partnerships



Fred Nijland

Fred Nijland


I’m working with my clients in the food and feed industry on customer strategy and innovations. In addition I am coordinator of the Food Tech Accelerator. Over the past 20 years I worked alongside sen... More