Legal Technologist Program


Legal Technologist Program

Bringing Tomorrow’s Lawyers to life

To equip our lawyers with the skills, knowledge and expertise to operate in the legal landscape of the future Deloitte Legal developed the Legal Technologist Program.

In almost every market today, technologies are emerging which enable the digital transformation of various departments. There is no question that technologies like the internet, mobile, and social, created unprecedented disruption. In today’s digital age, however, the pace of disruption is only set to increase. As new technologies — such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence & robotics, cloud computing, blockchain and big data — proliferate, organizations are coming under mounting pressure to rethink not just their technology strategy but their entire operational strategy. Also in the legal department, digital transformation is a fact. Although the pace of adopting legal technology is slow, the general consensus amongst GC’s and their teams is that technology is going to transform the operation of the in-house legal functions.

In order to prepare lawyers for a future where technology sets the tone, Deloitte developed a comprehensive program to train lawyers in technology. The program focusses both on various legal aspects of the aforementioned disruptive technologies as well as on how to leverage such technologies within the legal department. The three year program consists of three layers.

  1. What should you know? (focus on knowledge)
  2. What should you be able to do? (focus on skill)
  3. What should you have done? (focus on experience)

The knowledge oriented layer is facilitated by subject matter experts from around the globe, including experts from universities, other companies as well as Deloitte internally. The theoretical curriculum consist of topics like cloud computing, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, IOT. These topics are addressed from multiple perspectives such as the legal and regulatory framework, intellectual property, contracting, data and privacy, corporate governance, business development. Skills in project management, business intelligence programming and design thinking are also included in the program. The program will be evaluated and optimized on an ongoing basis.

Initially the program is open for Deloitte Legal lawyers only. Our aim is to open the program next year to external admissions like general counsel and their teams.

Legal Technologist Program

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