Legal Transformation Lab


Legal Transformation Lab

How to address the transformation of your legal department

Transformation has been a business theme for decades, but just recently, legal is shifting to the forefront of transformation opportunities. Specific factors driving this change include accelerated globalization, increasing business complexity and regulation, evolving legal technology, expanding need for diverse talent, and growing competitive intensity.

Many legal executives face growing demands from their CEO’s and other stakeholders to transform the legal department, elevating their roles to become more of a strategic player within the organization. In addition to the traditional expectations around legal work new mandates placed upon legal include:

  1. Enhancing the legal function through leveraging process and technology, utilizing appropriate operating models, and curtailing the function’s cost.
  2. Partnering strategically across the organization through effective business partnering, clear communication, and leading strategic initiatives.

With competing priorities, it can be a challenge for legal leaders to address legal transformation. It can also be difficult to align the broader legal leadership team behind a transformation vision, especially when many departments remain entrenched in the traditional ways of conducting business.

Legal Transformation Lab: Explore > Prioritize > Mobilize

Deloitte’s Legal Transformation Lab is a live, one-day, customizable, interactive session designed to help a company explore, prioritize, and mobilize its transformation.

  • Explore. The day begins with the legal leadership team developing a shared vision for the department. The subsequent exercise enables the leadership team to gain insight into external stakeholders’ and legal leadership’s perspectives in order to calibrate expectations and understand opportunities for transformation and alignment.
  • Prioritize. In order to determine the greatest opportunities to improve performance and create more value for the organization, the leadership team assesses the department’s effectiveness across key competencies and enabling areas. The team then identifies a subset of priorities on which to focus
  • Mobilize. Through a root cause analysis, root causes are identified along with potential solutions. The day concludes with the leadership team developing an action plan with key milestones and owners.

More than a meeting

In any given year, organizations may conduct many meetings on the topic of legal transformation. What differentiates Deloitte’s Labs? Tested, repeatable results. Each Legal Transformation Lab incorporates five key attributes, honed from years of experience working directly with CEOs and other leaders on transformation issues.

  1. Research-based content
    The Legal Transformation Lab relies on empirical data, original research, interviews with stakeholders, and conversations with subject matter specialists both within and outside of Deloitte to guide the experiences. Stakeholder feedback is then incorporated into the discussion and exercises. 
  2. Immersive methods and exercises
    Expect exercises that draw from behavioral research, team dynamics, and conversations with an enterprise’s own people—both in legal as well as other key areas in the company—to promote Lab participation. We developed, sharpened, and tested inter-linked exercises to guide participants through the Lab journey. These intelligent designs help us to embrace the full power of each individual. We engage practitioners in a specific manner so that each person contributes to help shape every outcome. 
  3. Relevant subject matter specialists
    Deloitte has the reach and relationships to tap specialists with hands-on experience on legal transformation. We use their experience as a springboard to inspire and stimulate your own practitioners. 
  4. Experienced facilitators
    It takes experience and discipline to make significant progress on a tough challenge in a single day. That’s exactly what our facilitators bring to the process. We specialize in intervention, disruption, alignment, and consensus. 
  5. Consciously designed environment
    If you want new ideas and fresh thinking, it helps to have a space conducive to innovation. That’s why Deloitte built a Lab space with mobile panels, dynamic furniture configurations, and other state-of-the-art resources designed to stimulate productive conversations. We can conduct a lab anywhere, not just within our own dedicated space.


If your organization’s approach to legal transformation has yet to achieve the desired impact, it may be time for a new approach. Choose the fast, reliable way to get your efforts on track and align your team. Participate in Deloitte’s one-day Legal Transformation Lab. Let’s connect and discuss whether it may be a well-suited match for your specific needs.
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