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Regulatory & Compliance

Remaining alert to impending and actual legislative and regulatory change is an increasingly critical part of any business.

From a Regulatory & Compliance perspective, Deloitte Legal evaluates the company’s situation, giving tailored and adapted solutions, taking into account their sector, geography, or relationship with third parties. Our large experience enables Deloitte to deliver a complete assessment in our Regulatory & Compliance field, together with our technological solutions portfolio specifically designed to fulfill all our clients’ requirements.

With Deloitte Legal’s support, companies will be in a position to demonstrate that – after rigorous assessment, repeated improvements and continuous fine-tuning – they are doing everything a reasonable business person could be asked to do in order to comply with their legal regulatory obligations.

We provide these key offerings:

Business Integrity / Financial Crime

  • Compliance Management Systems (Criminal Compliance, Anti-bribery, Anti-Money Laundering, etc.): design and implementation, supervision and training 
  •  Legal advice on the risks identification to the Chief Compliance Officer or General Counsel/CLO
  • Third party risk management
  • Due Diligence regarding compliance matters
  • Crisis Management: cyber strategy, dawn-raid services, settlements, transformation and assessment services
  • Investigations: compliance policies, internal investigations
    (a.o. AFM, BIS, CDIU, CFIUS, DNB, ECB, FinCEN, FIOD, OFAC, SEC, Team POSS) & quick response protocols.
  • Whistleblowing channel management 
  • White-Collar Crime: support for businesses, executives, and supervisory boards in addressing criminal prosecution and liability risks.


  • Due to our global reach and our cross border experience we are in an excellent position to advice and manage national, EU and multi-jurisdictional merger & acquisitions control filings.
  •   Provide companies with guidance on pragmatic risk management strategies, compliance policies, crisis management and litigation exposure assessment
  • Support companies and senior executives under investigation by national and transnational authorities such as the European Union and other governing bodies focused on trade restrictions, unfair competition and antitrust.
  • Analyze and assess specific operations that might trigger the obligation to notify the national competition authorities or the European Commission and draft the notification(s) to the competition authorities.
  • Design and implementation of tailormade antitrust and EU competition compliance programs and (interactive) trainings. 
  • Legal advice on leniency, anti-competitive practices and infringements proceedings
  • Risk assessment of advice on concentration controls, state aid matters and procurement law 
  • Strategic advice, structuring and assessment B2B joint venture projects, and the structuring and assessment of distribution, procurement and cooperation agreements.

Financial/non-Financial Regulatory

  • Legal and regulatory advice for credit institutions, payment institutions, insurance companies, investment firms, pension funds, and Fintech companies.
  • Assisting with licensing, declarations of no-objection, and the filing of other notifications and registration with supervisory authorities.
  • Advising on the financial and non-financial requirements of acquisitions and other financial sector transactions, as well in relation with national and cross-border corporate restructuring of financial services entities and groups.
  • Assisting with the set-up of internal regulatory or compliance organization and governance.
  • Drafting of internal documentation and client terms and conditions.
  • Flagging new regulations, impact assessments of these new regulations, and providing assistance on communication strategy with supervisory authorities.
  • Arranging in-house training for executives, non-executives, and compliance officers.
  • Investigations: compliance policies, internal investigations
    (a.o. AFM, BIS, CDIU, CFIUS, DNB, ECB, FinCEN, FIOD, OFAC, SEC, Team POSS) & quick response protocols.

Energy Regulatory

  • Claims for payment of default interest
  • Legal advice in matters regarding the energy sector, environmental issues, urban planning, transportation, different type of infrastructures (roads, highways, harbours, water concessions, parking facilities, railways, hospitals, airports), telecommunications, public procurement procedures, expropriations, etc
  • Legal Advice to Public Administrations in all type of public law aspects
  • Legal advice on trading and (new) forms (of sustainable) energy (such as wind, solar, hydrogen, nuclear)

Public Regulatory

  • Legal advice on (military or defense) public procurement and Public Private Partnership projects.
  • Analysis of the regulatory impact on the activity of companies operating on regulated markets and subject to direct or indirect intervention by the Public Sector, as well as advice within the framework of transactions involving such activities.
  • Urban planning analysis of real estate assets and legal assistance in land development processes.
  • Advice on all types of administrative procedures and relations involving Public Administration such as sanctioning procedures, subsidies, legal proceedings, procedures for obtaining activity licenses, building permits, environmental and/or sectorial licenses, etc.

More information?

For more information about Legal Regulatory & Compliance, please get in touch with Frederieke Leeflang.


Frederieke Leeflang

Frederieke Leeflang


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Maria van Duijvenbode

Maria van Duijvenbode

Senior Manager

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Marie-José van der Heijden

Marie-José van der Heijden

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