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Digital health technology                   

Global case studies of health care transformation

​Around the world, countries and health care organizations are making progress in using health information technology to improve outcomes and access, paving the way for the future of health.

Throughout the world, health care systems face similar challenges: affordability, inequitable health care access, uneven outcomes, and increasing demands. Health information and digital technologies can help organizations improve their existing businesses and reinvent themselves to meet these challenges once they decide what roles they want to play in the future.

In the search around the world, we found examples of public and private programs with demonstrated results and approaches on comon problems. This research created a collection of curated case studies to:

  • Identify succesful uses of health data and information technology
  • Examine different approaches to solving common challenges and draw useful lessons
Digital health technology

Future of Health

The report shows that health care of the future will be different from today in three distinct ways:

  1. Focus on prevention and well-being 
    With improvements in care such as early diagnostics, technologies to determine health care problems before they even arise, health will shift to prevention and well-being. The concept of 'health care' will be seen as a broader idea that will incorporate related concepts of mental, financial and spiritual well-being.
  2. Interoperable data and platforms
    This will help patients, clinicians, and caregivers with decisions about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Support toold will improve care efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Increased consumer engagement and empowerment
    Consumer attitudes and behaviors will shift toward greater engagement in health. With full visibility into and control over their health information, consumers will be able to perform many activities that today require a clinician’s involvement.

Case studies

The report shares examples from around the world, including the Netherlands, on the effective use of health information technology (HIT) to meet today’s challenges and build the foundation for the future of health. 

We hope the case studies in this report inspire readers to think about what future digitally enabled healthcare may look like, how organisations should prepare, and the role they can play in the future.

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Download the report and get inspired to think about what digitally-enabled health care may look like in the future, and how organizations can prepare and participate.

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