Executive Round Table on Digital Health


Executive Round Table on Digital Health

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In this exclusive talk, Lucien Engelen (i.a. Global Strategist Digital Health, Deloitte Center for the Edge & Director Radboudumc REshape Center), Felix Kreier (CMIO & Paediatrician at OLVG) and Mathieu van Bergen (Managing Partner Healthcare EMEA at Deloitte) discuss the shifting healthcare landscape as a consequence of technological changes.

Watch the 8 minute summary, listen to the podcast or watch the whole round table below.

8 minute summary

  • What are these technological changes exactly? 
  • What is going on at the moment and what can we expect in the future? 
  • Which parties are – and will be – involved? 
  • And what is the role of patients, healthcare professionals, managers and board members?


We hope you enjoy watching and look forward to exchanging thoughts on this with you!

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