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Ecosystem and Corporate Venturing Advisory

Create and capture growth opportunities in innovative ecosystems

Exponential technologies, fast growing ventures and globalization of information are fundamentally changing the markets we are operating in. Value creation is shifting from the company “core” to the company’s ecosystem. To grow and seize the emerging opportunities in our changing industries, organizations need to look outside for insights and capabilities.

Your challenge

Leveraging new technologies and partnering with innovative companies is vital to capture the value in your ecosystem.

Whilst organizations realize they need to innovate, partner and invest in new technology and ventures, we experienced that our clients find this challenging, characterized by questions like; 


  • What are innovative growth domains and how do we develop a venturing strategy?
  • What are the key drivers in the relevant ecosystems?
  • How do we identify and connect to venturing partners?
  • How do we design and evaluate our venturing options?

    We believe that organizations leverage opportunities in their ecosystems by applying an ecosystem and corporate venturing strategy.
  • Our solution

    Deloitte Ecosystem & Corporate Venturing Advisory supports organizations in shaping and executing their ecosystem and corporate venturing strategy. Our services portfolio drives on three pillars:

    • Proprietary methodology
    • Data-driven process
    • Deep presence in global innovation hubs

    We developed a proprietary methodology to guide organizations through the entire venturing lifecycle – from identifying growth domains to structuring and executing corporate venture capital investments, joint-ventures, acquisitions or partnerships.

    We designed a robust and data-driven process to identify suitable venturing partners in new growth domains. Deloitte has access to high quality data sources covering millions of companies worldwide. Deloitte’s venture discovery platform – Fast Ventures – captures curated data on thousands of fast growing technology ventures.

    Through our global network of venture scouting teams in the world’s relevant innovation hubs (including Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Paris, Berlin, and London) we can provide deep insights and connect you to technology ventures and talent.
    Connect to our team to learn how we can collaborate and deliver value to your organization.

    More information

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