Total M&A

Uncover, create and drive maximum value across every stage of a deal

Deloitte’s Total M&A solution provides cognitive enablers and accelerators to bring the power of automation, analytics and machine learning to M&A transactions.

Total M&A

Why Total M&A?

Get the most out of deals
Extract the maximum amount of deal value by leveraging cutting-edge digital assets.

Speed up operations
Launch into action quickly using rapidly deployable, cloud-based solutions.

Tailored approach
Provide targeted and flexible solutions customized to specific transaction needs.

What is Total M&A?

Total M&A in action

Merging company cultures

Deloitte’s culture assessment sparks stimulating early dialogue - A Dutch facility management provider looking to merge sought ways to overcome cultural and thinking barriers.

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Streamlining separation

Crafting a single source of truth during global separation processes - A multinational food and beverage (F&B) producer struggled to keep subprojects manageable and transparent.

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Improving financial oversight

Properly sorting data components across multiple company entities - A major telecom company wanted better insight into sales, service margin, customer churn and personnel chargeability.

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Stages of the M&A lifecycle

  • Understand the landscape of potential acquisition targets.
  • Identify potential targets’ propensity to be acquired.
  • Model growth pathways.
  • Leverage insights across the M&A lifecycle for deal execution & business development.
  • Enhance focus with streamlined project management tools.
  • Customize & track synergies to help realize anticipated value.
  • Accelerate blueprinting and modeling for current, interim & future state.
  • Interactive inter-dependency data / dashboards.

  • Data-driven visualizations & analytics to deliver real-time insights.
  • Ingestion & analysis of mega data to accelerate client outcomes.
  • Efficient & accurate carve-out financials.
  • Scenario planning and dynamic modelling to multi-variable sensitivities.
  • Rapidly quantify and prioritize margin improvement opportunities.
  • Map post-deal organization environment.
  • Analytics to help identify savings & turn raw spend data into meaningful insights.
  • Cleanse & categorize personnel data to unlock efficiencies.

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