Beyond cost-cutting benefits, outsourcing is a vibrant pathway for innovation


Beyond cost-cutting benefits, outsourcing is a vibrant pathway for innovation

Global Outsourcing Survey 2016

The use of outsourcing is accelerating even as it radically reinvents itself to keep pace with changing technologies that enable outcome based business services. The quest to drive business value through outsourcing was once focused on cost-cutting—and this will remain a key motivation—but the results of Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey 2016 indicates that outsourcing is becoming a vibrant pathway for driving innovation into the enterprise.

The value of innovation in outsourcing

Over one-third (35 percent) of the respondents say they already measure the value of innovation in their outsourcing relationships. In response to the increasing emphasis on delivering value beyond cost savings, service providers are rapidly evolving into innovation centers with the aim of creating improvement opportunities for their clients.

Some companies, for instance, look to their service providers to help them capture and integrate marketplace advances, such as tapping creative methods for improving quality and enhancing the user experience, to propel competitive advantage at a velocity they could not otherwise achieve by themselves. The savviest organizations use their providers to help them find, filter, and manage the many transformative products and services the marketplace invents to improve business performance.


New model of service delivery

Disruption in the form of cloud-based services is just the start: we are close to an entirely new model of service delivery comprising robotic and cognitive process automation, the “internet of things,” and digital IT management. This intersection of traditional outsourcing and the innovation storm could amplify value for those organizations that can correctly harness it, and this will likely lead to ever increasing uses of outsourcing, even as it reinvents itself.

Bianca den Elsen, partner Deloitte Consulting: “Outsourcing continues to be of great value for all sorts of organizations as Outsourcing providers are investing to provide additional value through innovation, robotics, analytics and cloud.”


More information about outsourcing?

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Global Outsourcing Survey 2016
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